Monday, June 16, 2014

Thug Bird & a Birthday

Lexi's friend or perhaps we should say fiend...Jenn is another year older.

I have only met her once and at the time, she was very shy. Originally from China, I can see perhaps why she wasn't interested in taking too much. We had a Grandpa & Uncle visiting & were playing poker. We were far from quiet. There wasn't much room to even THINK about talking! ;-)

Her Dad had asked that we also invite another girl that he knew, which we did. The three of them hung out in Lexi's room and ate huge slices of chocolate cake. 

This is the same girl I've heard on Skype taking over the world while four of them are playing At War on-line. She also would like to be president of the US and can draw like a crazy!

So, when Lexi said she needed some help making her a card, I volunteered. Lexi also offered to trade her video editing skills, so I was also in LUCK!

I had promised a video of my craft room ages and ages ago and we are moving in less than a week and a half! Had to get on that!

While I was making Jenn a card, I also scrapped the photo I took the day she came over. It was a horrible iPhone picture, but I used a Lizzy Hill technique where I cut out the background so it then became more usable!

Here is something Jenn drew for Lexi after she got back from Florida and after hearing of her issues with the Thug Birds aka Pelican gangsters! 

Back tomorrow with my page. 

Anyone else think that having a president that is creative would be a huge asset? 

Happy Monday!


  1. Glad to be of help!!! And yes, a creative president/prime minister in our case would be VERY helpful!!! Get it out on paper, I say! She's GOOOOD!!!! And your card is smashing. I mean, Lexi's cut outs as well! Impressive:):)

  2. I have never heard of thud birds! But your card looks wonderful!


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