Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Jenn for President Layout

There is something about this Simple Stories Homemade scrapbook paper that just makes me happy! Add in pink glitter paper with scallops, a vintage doily and a row of buttons and I'm overjoyed!

This was the terrible photo I blogged about yesterday. Messed around with it a bit in Picassa so at least it looks less horrible and cut out the very busy background.  They were sitting in front of our coat closest which when it's open always looks messy! ;-)

Love those buttons that Shirley, the best neighbor ever hooked me up with! So lovely and vintage!

The page itself is pretty flat, which is a minor miracle since I have nearly less to no space left in my current scrapbook. I need to buy a new one, but.....we are moving so it's kinda pointless right yet!

Hope you are having a fantastic Tuesday!

P.S. If Jenn ever runs for present for REAL, I have a page to prove that I knew her! Hmmmm. Maybe I should get Lexi to get her autograph just in case...it is yearbook season!


  1. Looks brill! The cut out girls work soo well! And I don't know these Simple Stories pp here, but yeah, I can see why it would be total lurrrrve:):) And now I am one degree off knowing Jenn if she ever hits that Presidency:):)!!!


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