Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Love Me When I Least Deserve It Because...that is When I Really Need it Burlap Canvas: THE CUTTING CAFE

A couple of weekends back our friends invited us to hike Lamson Falls with them & their kids. I suspected that my friend Rich was going to take the opportunity to ask my friend Sara to marry him. Both of them had been married prior with the wrong people so they were really not in a big rush to fall into that same mess again.

However, seeing them together you knew they were married in reality, even if not legally. Rich did not disappoint and when we got to the top of the waterfall, he took Sara aside.

If you know Sara, she is one tough girl. For the majority of his proposal, she wore a WHAT ARE YOU DOING look on her face, until he dropped to one knee. It was pretty romantic and if you are lame like me and cry at the SPCA commercials on TV, you might have also shed a tear at this moment.

Even though I had a PILE of pretty things to use, I was feeling less than inspired so popped over to THE CUTTING CAFE and after a quick search on wedding, had a plan!

I used Regina's A Love Story Sentiment Printable Set for the quote. Having been married myself for quite some time I found it really fitting to use. It prints out nicely at a larger scale as well, so I was able to increase it by 300% and use the image to frame my photo.

I had all kinds of pretty things to use, some Prima Roses, Jolees, handmade roses from my friend Lisa over at You Made Me Ink that I have been hoarding, some shells from Florida, and a little gold mermaid. Our friends enjoy their beach time and once made us watch the Animal Channel show on mermaids so the shells, beach glass, and mermaid fit.

Sara also likes rustic looking things, which is why I chose burlap for the canvase and some little bows. Love that heart with a crown! It's the first I've seen those and I purchased them from Alpha Stamps and are made by Spellbinders.

This pieces makes me really happy and I hope our friends Rich and Sara enjoy it and remember their proposal at the falls more than all the bugs and kids complaining!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Oh that is a lovely canvas for them and what a great photo too1

  2. Awwww....such a LOVELY story & memory...that photo is sooooo touching! And your frame is perfection.....a great find to use:):) AND I'm loving the burlap on the bg too.....really stunning:):)

  3. How sweet! I loveeeeeee this! LOVING the way you did the title around the photo and loveeeeeee all the flowers!!!

  4. Ohh this is so lovely ...both to read n see too..loved the shabby floral arrangment on burlap !

  5. oh this is sooooooooo beautiful, i am loving everything single thing about awesome..........

  6. Mitra, this is so tender. I love it -- the quote, the picture (perfect), the rustic feel of the embellishments. You captured the moment perfectly for your two friends. And, BTW, I mute every SPCA commercial I come in contact with! I have a strong dislike for those things!

  7. Mitra, this is just so precious. How lovely that you did this for your friend.

  8. This is beautiful! A priceless gift.


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