Wednesday, June 11, 2014

When the Daffodils Bloom: Layout for Forrest our Pup

It's a weird kind of quirk of mine, scrapping funerals and pets that have passed.

But I think it's important to acknowledge that life isn't all sunshine and roses and that things happen sometimes that are hard. Tuck them in amongst your pages and you get a good handle on life when you flip through a scrapbook album.

Our pup Forrest had been on a decline for the past couple of years. We suspect the lime disease from a tick attacked his joints making it harder and harder for him to walk.

In fact, when I went looking for recent photos I saw we really had not taken any for quite a while. I think it was the tired & pained look in his eye.

Nearly a month ago we called our local farm vet and had her come over as it was his time to go to Rainbow Bridge. I told my husband we had to wait until the daffodils bloomed so he could sniff them one last time.

My Mom and I were talking as we tucked a few wild plants in on his grave about Rainbow Bridge this past weekend.

I told her that I suspected as he arrived he met Frank right off.

Frank was our Westie that died when we first moved to our North Country House.

Hey Jackass I can see him barking. What took you so long?

My Mom said, oh no! In Heaven I don't believe there is any concept of time or how long something has taken.

That does sound heavenly as it feels like just yesterday as I hid around the corner of the garage sitting on the ground and bawled. Will totally miss that dog. He sat on my feet and farted as I worked. Best co-worker ever! The day we had it scheduled I hung out with him in our gardens and fed him venison jerky.

Just a close up of all the pretty stuff I used including some dyed ribbon and a neat little pin with wings!

Hope your Hump Day is moving right along!



  1. Nothing like snot and tears with your coffee to start the day. Good grief...what a heart wrenching touching story and the most wonderful tribute to your furry flatulent friend. :)
    Love this LO so very much!

  2. Damn it. Crying. Lovely page...gorgeous testimony to a lovely co-worker [even if he did fart!!!]....

  3. *sniff* Such a lovely tribute to your doggie. :) Love that he got to smell some daffodils before he went off.

  4. Such a sweet page honoring a dear family member... I love the idea of creating a page specifically to document their passing (not gas...although that would be a great page too!) since I am sure it will be a day you won't forget. You did a beautiful job creating a memorial for him!


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