Monday, June 30, 2014

Ready or Not, Here We Come!

This past Monday the movers arrived. That in itself was not unexpected since we had scheduled them a couple of months back. Having moved once before with movers, we figured we knew what to expect. The first day they would pack the garage, giving us time to pack bags & get the camper set up. THE MAN and I had run through the schedule many times including how many nights we'd be sleeping in the camper.

They were scheduled to show up at 9 but arrived at 10. By 10:30 two guys were packing up my kitchen.

I ran around like a chicken after a rain picking up worms gathering things I knew we'd need for four nights in the camper. Shortly after I was folding sheets & blankets so they could unassemble the beds. Our theory was the faster they went, the faster the whole moving thing would be over.

Little did I know that night I'd sleep with a cat on my head or perhaps I would not have suggested taking the beds apart so soon. Normal camping only involves the dog. The cat is more of the hide under things sort, nap for long hours every day, and mostly be left alone. He did not take well to sleeping with us in the camper and chose instead to yowl and hang out on my pillow.

After two semi sleepless nights, Wednesday at 10 am, they were pulling out with the tractor trailer full of our stuff and we were saying goodbye to Potsdam. Both THE MAN and I had difficulty leaving. Potsdam was good to all of us.

By Wednesday evening, we pulled into our new house with our camper in the pouring rain for another two nights of sleeping in the camper & round two of cleaning! Thankfully we were able to let the cat loose for a night exploration in the house so we had a better night's sleep!

Things are looking better now a week later. We are nearly unpacked. We have made friends with the rabbits who are all named Jeff. We met a baby robin and countless chipmunks. By this weekend we'll be hanging pictures & mowing grass!

That being said, I'm thankful I have a few scrapbook pages up my sleeve to share with you since it will be a bit before my fingers get inky again! Stop back tomorrow for my Another Freaky Scrappy page!

Happy Monday!


  1. Moving and cats - never a good combination... I had a cat escape in my car and end up on my head while I was driving - never sworn so much in my life...

    Have fun in the new place, can't wait to see some photos. xx

  2. you can now see, I'm going backwards, still trying to catch up after being away for 2 weeks.....dunno if I'll get there, but I'm a sight better off than one who has just moved, no doubt:):) Glad you're getting there!!!

  3. Oh I love the photo & sounds pretty chaotic but that is to be expected when moving! Look forward to seeing some photos of your new place :)


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