Monday, July 4, 2016

A Giant Giraffe and a Four Letter Word: Memorandum Monday

Oh dear. This past week started out with a little scare. We have to walk through a partially dark ReStore to get to the office for Habitat when I saw something looking at me. Something with long eye lashes and what might sorta be called a smile....Yes, we have a large metal giraffe for sale....and because we are fun, we have a bet going on how long it will take to sell....

Anyhow, a fun last week full of calling people for quotes, running kids to volunteer for CMOG and a dinner out with friends. In fact it's this dinner out that got me thinking....

I was telling our friends about the current build we're working on for Habitat...the lady with the previously pink house....she is extremely sick. The kind of sick that is very very sick. Anyhow, we're working on re-siding her house. Others have been in to build a handicap ramp and they will be back soon to make her house more accessable.

The owner is living in her Grandma's house that had been pink since she was a little girl, so she's a wee bit sad that we are re-siding it in tan. Thankfully for the sake of the entire block she compromised and we'll be putting up pink shutters, but that is another story for another day.

Our friend said, wow, that would be the difficult part of the job for me. All the sad stories. It's sad yes, but I like to think we bring hope with us. Hope in the form of hammers and hard work as her house is reborn. Her son is working on the porch behind the house, so every window she looks out of, people are hard at work building things back up.

Since the lady with the previously pink house doesn't actually agree with being ill, this might be a good thing. We'll keep bringing her hope and she needs to keep believing.

Waving a hammer at Sian From High in the Sky who is our most awesome host on these Memorandum Mondays.


  1. Congratulations to all the people helping the pink lady and renovating her house, hope she gets really well in the future, and it is lovely to hear that there are so many people who are kind and helpful,

  2. So happy you have this job. It gives you a chance to do what comes naturally to you - & you get paid for it!!!! Win win all round I reckon. I'm a bit sad about the pink house though- glad she's at least getting the shutters. And I reckon 15 days for said giraffe!!!!!

  3. We have a tv show here about volunteers fixing up houses for people with very sad stories..and actually it's really uplifting to watch. I'm sure there is indeed satisfaction about helping out even if there are circumstances you can't change.

    Hope the giraffe finds the right home very soon

  4. How fun to meet your tall friend. It sounds like you hope to restore more than the houses. Bless you for that.


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