Monday, July 25, 2016

Memorandum Monday: Chill Dogs & Jamming

I am sure you have had one of those weekends where you have jam packed so much into just a couple of days that it seems like a week has gone by? Yes we are in the midst of one of those, so I guess I had better just start at the beginning and work my way to the end...

Thursday afternoon at the wee end of the day I spotted these cool centerpieces at the Corning ReStore as I was leaving work so piled all 11 of them into boxes and made off with them. I was pretty proud of myself buying something for a Christmas project in July. See, I have to make CAP centerpieces again and these will give me something easy to start they were like super cheap at $2 and $3 a piece and spray painting season is upon us...think that little metal one might have to be painted we're sticking with a red white and blue theme...

In fact, I got home and put them away immediately as we had to get ready for our camping trip to Lake George. The AUNTS have a cabin there and we were off to camp nearby. Speaking of jam, I got to collect my Br'apple Butter that I traded for a pocket letter. Also speaking of Aunts, the other one had an art show.

She has taken up print making....loving the purple and the orange! (I suspect she is like most of us scrappers...and dressed to match her art work...or in our case, make sure everyone is wearing the right colors so we can use that paper packet we really want to use!)

I will admit that my Dad, both Uncles and I made sure we tried all of the hors d'oeuvres, including the shrimp and deviled eggs regardless of the fact we were heading back to the cottage to throw a dinner party. We also tried the wine because, well wine. 

While we were at the art show, we came across a band which was super cool. They were totally jamming & rocking the little room while their pooches napped. I so so impressed with these chill dogs! Mine had a great weekend at the Lake. He got to swim and go out on a boat. He wanted to make friends with the ducks but they are a snobby sort, you can imagine!

Anyhow, we're heading back today, so wish us a good drive home.

Waving hello to Sian From High in the Sky who is our mighty fine hostess!


  1. Wishing you an easy drive home....just LOVED the photo of Duncan in the boat...what a BUSY FUN time you've had.... combining the rellies with a holiday. BRILLIANT! And those 'do-upables' for the CAP night. FABULOUS!

  2. Yes! I know what you mean. We have been away for a week but we saw so many things it feels like we had a much longer break.

    Wishing you a great week ahead.

  3. Oh wow! It sounds like a great weekend but one you need a weekend we took our dog Ginger on a houseboat .. it was her one and only vacation before she passed and she was awesome... it's so much fun to have them with us and I think it adds to much to their lives... so happy he got to go. Well... happy second Monday...


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