Monday, July 18, 2016

Buttercream and totally NOT Buttercream

At my Habitat, we work Wednesdays and Saturdays on houses with volunteers. Lately we've been painting but then we have to get back to siding the previously pink house that will soon have pink shutters. I like painting. It's a good project for a huge group of people who aren't that experienced. Based on some of the places that paint has landed, perhaps they have no experience...but anyhow, thankfully the home owner is super chill, which is a good thing. In a long story of getting 15 gallons of paint tinted and that one happened to get tinted much more yellow than the other two, it's a seriously good thing. We get huge pails of base paint from Valspar for pennies and then run to Lowe's to get the color this case one went a little south and it happens to have been the one we started with....and what's with the pink? This house we're working on was previously a pinkish grey....

The owner of the Not Buttercream House is happy with the more yellow thankfully. She is a rockstar in my book as she's been painting when we're not there and weeding. Not to mention she has done battle with the yellow jackets up on a ladder. As a single Mum (to use the Aussie term) she is pretty handy at her house so while it's nice to give her a hand, we'll be leaving the place to a good caretaker.

It is that painting time of year around here. THE MAN has been fancying up the garage which now matches everything else. I had thought for a while we were going to let it gray up naturally, but then it was just looking splotchy...which isn't a good look for anything. I am betting this year's burgundy is the pink of 2050....but anyhow it looks good for now!

Happy Monday!

Waving over to Sian our Host from High in the Sky...who I think lives in a brick house just like me....probably no pink siding for her!


  1. I'm still trying to figure out what's wrong with a pink house.... ;)

  2. HAHA! Have to agree with Lisa....what's wrong with a pink house???!!! Anyways, your shed is looking fab & I'm sure hers is too. Don't you have that term, Single mums??? Funny how different cultures think up different terms. Wonder what you call them ;)!


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