Thursday, July 14, 2016

In All Fairness

The one thing NOBODY told me beforeI took my job at Habitat was that I had to wait TWO WHOLE DAYS before I could buy something at the ReSTore. They date the price stickers so they know when to rotate merchandise, which means you have to make sure it's been out on the floor longer than two days. The dude that runs the store says they had to do that to make sure it is fair. So, this little collection is a compilation of a couple of days of shopping.

Even though that green bowl serving set doesn't match my set of dishes, I love the embossed roses and the color. I have it stashed for holidays, but I imagine it will make a visit to the counter with some fruit at some point soon. And check out that opalescent carnival glass bowl. I am thinking about putting the two bowls together using epoxy to make one that has a little foot to it.

Just a pretty little decoration I got a while back that I messed with a little. The crackle glass was originally clear and I painted it with some clear opalescent glass paint and then added a layer of opaque purple over top on the inside so you couldn't see through it. I added some silver leafing too so it brighted it up quite a bit. Love it now! You can see what it looked like below....

Yes, all that metal cording was a previous you'll be seeing that on projects too! Just as soon as I stop hoarding it all...

And one last photo of my makeover on that little decoration. It's pretty isn't it! It's going on my new desk at work (just as soon as we get them and overhaul the office) so I'm pumped!

Happiest of Thursdays to you!


  1. Wow some treasures there, cant wait to see what you do with them... love the roses on the green plates...

  2. So... would you have taken it if you knew you had to wait??? idk... I think you'd pause a moment... just a moment.... lol! I LOVE those green dishes. Those are gorgeous and I'd have bought them too whether they "matched" or not... matching is overrated don't you think (although I do struggle with the need to match)

  3. Wow..fabulous make over..I think if you collect all your makeovers ,altered project you can open your own store some Day !

  4. I love the green dish. My Mum would be cheering at this point...once she went to help out at a PTA jumble sale and she noticed that all the other helpers were picking the best things before the sale opened. This offended her so much for some reason (they were paying for them!) that we have never heard the end of it and she never went back to the PTA

  5. Oh! Those aqua dishes make my heart flutter. I'd be checking each day to make sure they were still there! Lucky you.... adore how you 'upcycle'....just FABULOUS :) PS: Don't spend ALL your wage in the shop, now!!!


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