Thursday, July 21, 2016

Vintage Beaded Purse with Dried Roses

To be honest, we are all a little afraid of Sue. So when she cashed me out at the ReSTore and told me that I couldn't tear up this purse I took her seriously. I had been thinking about adding it to a canvas and decorating with flowers or something, but then I thought it would look just as cool with my vintage hat collection. What? You don't have a top hat hung up on your wall? Don't judge!

I think it looks really pretty with those dried roses! I got those on Mother's Day and Lexi and I decided to let them air dry so we could keep enjoying them. Who knows too, I might just have the urge to use my little white beaded purse at some leaving it on display is working for me!

Happy Thursday!


  1. LOL! Good call. Too pretty to pimp up, absolutely. Perfect for a wedding I reckon!

  2. That photo would make a great card for a bridal shower or more. Liking Lizzys remark "too pretty to pimp up"! Now added to my repetory of handy phrases to flash out at the right moment. Thanks, Lizzy.

  3. Love this dear little purse, and the roses look perfect with it!!!!

  4. Op I love the beaded purse and the roses look wonderful dried ..

  5. That IS a beautiful beaded purse.. I think you made the right choice... although I'm sure whatever you did with it would be beautiful also... and it does look just right with those roses.. no hat on my wall.. but I can see it... it makes sense!


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