Thursday, March 2, 2017

Beautiful Venice Layout

Are you ready for the three hundedred layouts I must do of Lexi's trip to Italy? If you follow me on the FB, you know that the oldest has been gone for a thousand years having adventures and basically eating amazing food. THE MAN got her a good data plan so we're in constant contact which is nice, but then again some of those food photos...

I did also manage to score this awesome selfie. So pretty! Love the water and the architecture of Venice and my sweet girl's face. She looks wise, doesn't she? Check out the cool beautiful paper piecing title and those awesome green leaves! Jean hooked me up with those during our Crafternoon and I couldn't wait to use them.

 That little bird is a gift from Yvonne and I pulled a Lizzy Hill trick where I inked it up and then used nailpolish to move the color around, so it's tinted a very light blue. I had to also sharpie the eye ball. It was making me crazy not having color in it...check out the photo above and see if you like it better this way...

In a fit of saving, I had kept this blue bottom petal off some kind of flower that worked perfectly here for clustering. It kinda pulls out the blue of the water. I so do love using flowers on shabby pages like this!

Well, I'm back next week with a cool gift I got at my Crafternoon that I thought you'd like to see...


  1. Nicely done! Great job with the never used to bother me but now I think I need to Sharpie in the eye too!

    Can't wait to see the rest of the Itay photos ...especially the food ones! I still reminisce about eating my gelato while roaming in Rome.

  2. Love Every Bit of this one. The blue of the flower I reckon pulls it all together. The glitter, gotta love a bit of that & I much prefer birdy fussied up than before, MUCH more! Glad my trick came in handy. Can't wait for you to do the rest of 'em photos!!

  3. Oh yes bring on the travel layouts!! I have seen some of the photos, she is having an amazing time.. Love this photo, just perfect.. love the flowers and love the journalling around your page like that too.. they grow up fast when they go travelling!!

  4. Love this one and Lexi is so pretty the page really suits her lovely photo. I am in the give the birdie an eye set! He looks very wise with his eye coloured!!

  5. She looks wise and pretty and also very pulled together, given that her scarf works so beautifully with the buildings in the background! A picture with a scrapbooking mum in mind :)

  6. Oh my... this is so beautiful... beautiful girl, beautiful pic, beautiful backdrop and beautiful page... sigh...

  7. Mitra this is such a beautiful layout. Love everything about this, so pretty. Love the altered bird and like it with the eye painted on the best . Looking forward to seeing all the Italy layouts, it is a amazing country and what a wonderful experience for your girl
    Mary x


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