Monday, March 27, 2017

Lights, Drama, Kitchen for Memorandum Monday

Saturday was spent running many errands & laundy. Since we had peeps coming to visit on Sunday, I dropped lunch off to the volunteers working on our Habitat House before I continued on to grocherying. As I was plugging in the crock pot chili, I heard...speak of the devil and four people explained to me why the homeowner's choice of where to put the fridge was clearly flawed. Circuit blah blah blah. I was like alright, we'll put it back where it was (insert sigh). The beauty of the situation as they really do feel quite strongly about doing things right and have clearly taken ownership. Rock stars! (Plus this way I don't have to move the plumbing, so it works for me too)

Part of my day also involved a wee bit of spray painting. See, I totally hated the light I bought for the entry way even after THE MAN asked nicely if I could try living with it for a day or two. I had neglected to remember that the ceiling sloped and hadn't gotten a hanging one, so back it went to Amazon, leaving me with the same problem I had before. I hated all the ones we could get locally. So, went with the next best thing. Dishwashered the little glass pieces and spray painted the light fixture I had. BAM, problem solved with a $5 can of spray paint. While I was at it, I also spray painted a floor lamp in preparation for my lampshade I was talking about last week. For some reason I'm currently in love with rose gold.

Mom sent me photos of the glass she cut for the floor lamp shade and it's making me REALLY happy. She'll be bringing them at Easter time and we'll solder a cap on the lamp shade turning this into a floor lamp from a hanging lamp. The floor lamp base was also from The Restore. They must get one or two of them a week so it's an easy thing to find to upcycle. In fact, I have an earlier project where I did something similar. 

This glass is what's going in the shade. It's an opalescent so it's hard to photograph. Will be soooo pretty in my living room! I can't wait to rewire the floor lamp and assemble it all.

Today I'm off to put some safety fencing up so we can start digging a basement for a new house. It's a new week and fun times await like hanging the newly painted light!

Please join me in waving a hello to Sian who hosts us for Memorandum Monday


  1. That glass is so pretty - it's going to look amazing! I love rose gold too, it's really fashionable over here at the moment.

  2. Deb's right. Rose gold is very big here right now. It's such a pretty shade.

    Wishing you a great basement digging week

  3. Oh my.... that glass!!! I can't wait to see that one!


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