Monday, March 6, 2017

In Perspective for Memorandum Monday

Life's bumpy and at the moment I feel like we've been fighting a little more than normal to keep things running along smoothly at Pratt Inc. An oddly draining sink and some dryer drama tends to do that I think. All is well when you put things into perspective.

Lexi's home from Italy and getting caught up on school. She's changed. Much braver. Ready to tackle the driving lessons that she and her Dad are undertaking. They interviewed her for a summer job at the Corning Museum of Glass, so she'll have to be ready if she gets it. The other one has us driving all over creation for planes. I think it's one of those normal stages in life where the kids keep you so busy you wonder if you'll ever hang with your spouse again and not just during some kind of home repair project involving plungers.

On the subject of mail, I sent a couple of happy mail packages in Rice Krispy boxes earlier this week. I am well known for upcycling whatever is handy and like the lady at the counter said, at least you didn't just tape up a bag and add an address....also I got these very lovely post cards from my friend Tom. We trade vintage goodness. He's one of the other few grownups I know who are working at what they love vs. what they got stuck with to pay the bills so he's super fun to hang around. He has an entire box of these lovelies to sell in his booth. He said specifically I couldn't hoard them, which I really want to do...So I'm trying to think of something good where I can use them and still look at them....ohhhhh you think I should send them out to you? ;-)

Changing the subject, I hear that this week will be nice and warm. Spring like weather. I can't wait. With that brings the thaw. Since we don't have a snow cover, mainly that just means things will get muddy for a bit. Also, a new house we will be working later on will need to be gutted. This poor girl had a fire in the early part of December and before things start to mold in there from the water, we'll need to get her cleaned out. That photo on top was taken in the upstairs living room. Thankfully everyone had renter's insurance and got out OK.

Anyhow, I'm off to enjoy the weather! A quick wave to Sian From High in the Sky for hosting us this Monday to talk about mail or life or weather!


  1. I am delighted to be able to reassure you that that phase does indeed pass and although we have had lots of questions about how we "manage" without the kids around all the time, we have discovered just how very pleasant it can be to do things , just the two of us!

  2. Busy life.... but it's OK.... things will style I'm sure. Always changing, but that's the nature of the beast.... I'm with you on househol woes; we've had our share too. NOT fun:(. That house looks like it will be amazing - luck with The Flaw. We're enjoying perfect weather. Cloudy, some rain, mid 20s C:);)

  3. I'm echoing Sian's comment, it is just a phase and it will pass! That house is lovely, what a great project to work on.

  4. Oh to watch them grow up... my heart swells remembering... and the answer to your question that I'm sure was directed at me... yes :)


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