Monday, March 20, 2017

Snow Sculptures, Garage Shenanigans & a new lamp for Memorandum Monday

Oh goodness. This past week started with a two day snow storm (and lots of snow) and basically with no school & working at home, it was a lazy couple of days. I suspect due to hearing peepers and seeing daffodils pushing up before the whiteness covered us, that Spring will spring just as soon as the snow melts. Been seeing bugs everywhere too.

The secret to plowing when the ground has already thawed is to be super careful so you don't have a mess a couple of weeks later. Easier said than done. THE MAN here has gone and made snow sculptures though and they are kinda cool.

Talking about THE MAN, he had friends come visit after they hung with me at our Silent Auction. He had the wood stove going and was playing with a bunch of new to him tractor parts. It was a full on man party in the garage complete with a good play list, cigars, beer, and garage dog Duncan.

Yesterday was full of kids playing D&D, lasagna (gotta feed em), and some crafting. I'm anxiously planning a new lamp. Mom is sending new glass and the metal piece that turns this hanging light shade into a lamp. It's super vintage and in fact had a couple of icky green glass pieces already. I'll pass on those and now it's been scrubbed, it's much prettier!

Happiest of Mondays to you! I'm off to start a new week with a few less things on my plate and feel all kinds of lighter!

Waving to Sian over at From High in the Sky Blog who hosts us for Memorandum Monday.


  1. Wow..snow right into March! That's cold. Hope it warms up for you soon

  2. Can't wait to see finished lamp. Looks like it will be super cool.

  3. Fun times! This snow will be a distant memory in a few more days. Have a great week!

  4. omg... that light... cannot wait to see what you do with it! Happy Monday!

  5. That light is going to be lovely once you've worked on it. And oh, that snow! We haven't had any yet this year apart from one afternoon and even that didn't settle.

  6. I'm thinking the light is going to be fabulous when it's finished....nice to have mates to hang with - hope your tables sold! And GOOD ON DUNCAN being a garage boy! He's a cute dog, Mitra. Looks like he's settled right down into being with the family. Snow or not!!!


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