Monday, March 13, 2017

Gray is the New Yellow & a hand delivered card for Memorandum Monday

Judging by the paint cans in my closet, the interior of my house was painted in five different shades of yellow. Or maybe six. Not sure, but I think yellow was the in color at that point. Today, judging by the two people I have talked to lately who are painting, gray is the new yellow. Everything has gone gray. I evidentally caught the gray bug as I was inspired to grab a can of Wheat Bread in satin (Who names these things? And since when has bread been gray?) this past Friday and spent hours painting our entry way. It was yellow (of course) so it's a nice change. Fell in love all over again with painter's calk.

This of course prompted a shopping spree, so I'll have plenty to talk about mail wise next week for Memorandum Monday.

I have a rug coming with a non skid back which is also gray, but kinda trendy so it makes me happy. I also have a new light coming. it will be happy mail day on Tuesday because well, hello two day shipping!

It's always nice when a card is hand delivered vs. actually posted. Add in a couple of cool presents and a birthday with cake? Awesomeness. The kids were off to visit their friend Joe yesterday for his birthday and a D&D party. At the last minute, someone asked nicely if I could make a card. I really cheated and used an already painted water colored background that Lexi brought home and some washi.

Anyhow, we have officially started the week! Join me in waving a gray paint brush to Sian over at From High in the Sky.


  1. I adore your eclectic posts ... they sorta reflect your scrappy style & im guessing reflect YOU! Looooooce gray. My 1st house (brand new) built in 1987 (I was on my knees staining the verandah 2 weeks before the Eldest was born! Don't forget THAT in a hurry!!!) was all grey. A blue based grey. It made me happy then - & I still ADORE it .... your rug.... yummo!!!! BUT hubby #2 was in the navy for 20 yrs. He's over grey & detests it. Sadly. So I'm now a green & blue gal.... c'est la vie.... LOVE the cheat-ish card... nice bg from your girl!!!!

  2. Well, I like gray. It is very classy and "in". I'm actually thinking of painting my room gray. LOVE that rug! :)

  3. I love grey! Most of my house is grey (although some people might say that's just the layer of dust..)

  4. Wheat bread? If I found gray wheat bread I'd throw it away... so weird... but it is a beautiful color... just a weird name... so much fun to freshen things up a bit... can't wait to see it with all of your goodies in it!


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