Tuesday, March 28, 2017

National Youth Art Month Upcycled Vintage Tray by Lexi

We hosted a collaboration project at the ReStore about a month back and the projects were due this past Friday. It was to celebrate National Youth Art Month so Jon had a bunch of kids come pick up $25 worth of free materials to build their projects. Lexi picked this tray. Since I had my eye on it myself, I was a bit proud of her. We got some glass at the store too, but it was tempered, so I actually had the glass pieces special cut.

You will notice there are some nuts sticking out the side. THE MAN had the idea of using threaded rod to create a base for the glass piece. He showed her how to drill the holes through and cut the rod. She has two glass pieces sandwiched together with a thicker one on top so it gives the piece a translucent look. The thicker piece on top is so you can actually use this tray. If you are really looking, you might also notice that Lexi has photo shopped in San Fran. She's got dreams of living in California.

There is a contest, so I have my toes crossed that she wins. Her piece was on display yesterday at the local Mall as part of a Maker Faire, the concept of which originated from California, so it's not hard to see why she might want to go. I love what she's created here myself and plus she gets to keep it, so totally a win win in my book!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Wow..Your Daughter is really very creative ! I totally loved this custom made tray :) All the Best to Lexi :)

  2. Oh wow. This project turned out great! Hope she wins!

  3. As creative as you. No surprise there!!! It's a gorgeous concept & loooove the colours... wishing her all the luck in winning :):)

  4. Nice job, Lexi. Mitra, You have every reason to be a proud mama! Hope you win!

  5. So very cool! And that pic is beautiful... I hope she wins too!


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