Monday, April 17, 2017

Eastering & Demoing for Memorandum Monday

We were Eastering around here this weekend. Two older kids mean that I don't carefully collect cool things months out and then artfully arrange them in baskets and then hide them. I mean, it would have been fun, but then the eye roll. Instead, the bunny just left them in a pile on the table and hoped that Luke didn't eat too many snickers at one time because for sure Lexi will tell him that he has.

THE MAN was on break week with the kids so has been working on all kinds of projects around the house. This one has been on the list for quite some time because let's face it, my laundry room is not a destination. In fact, during the first tour of the house, it was mainly just mentioned and I poked my head in because ICK. Usually demo work is fun, but sadly not in this case. The floor tiles either came up really easy and smelled rather badly or came up kinda hard. A whole lot of scraping & the shop vac came later, with several coats of a spray cleaner with bleach. I think we won though. Time to put it back together.

I am running with something like above. I wish I could find the original link so I could give the blogger credit for having such a pretty room and read more. The photo is from a collage in an article, but nothing linking back to the original room. Pet peeve of mine for pinterest. Anyhow, I have left over gray paint for the walls, gray and white tiles left over from another project, and we're building a structure out of 4 by 4s like above to hold the sink. So far we've got the tiles reinstalled and one corner painted so we can get the washing machine back so we can keep up with the laundry. So far it's really turning out nice. Means there will be work to do after work all week. ;-) 

I'm off to Monday, which is bright and sparkly full of promise and left over Easter Candy. 

Hoping Sian enjoyed her Easter over at From High in the Sky where she hosts us for Memorandum Monday. 


  1. Happy Easter-ing! a great haul of chockies! and that is one really nice laundry space... wouldnt mind if my laundry looked like that... sadly it doesn't!! Have a good week ahead!

  2. It will be worth all the hard work in the end! I think 'laundry' rooms are very different over here in the UK, where I live they are called 'utility rooms' and usually very close to the kitchen. Ours was part of an extension project so is behind our garage which is a bit annoying as all laundry has to be carried out through the garage. A small price to pay for not having to have my washing machine and tumble drier in the kitchen like it used to be!

  3. I dream about a big laundry room..

    Pale grey and white is a gorgeous combination: you'll have a very pretty laundry room it'll almost be a pleasure to spend time in when it's finished.

  4. Oh MY! It will be wonderful. Can't wait to see your End Photos and I bet it is even better than the above. At least Easter choccy gives you energy and a day off must help. WELL worth the effort!!!


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