Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Gryffindor Upcycled Orange Framed Snitch

Been hoarding this little pile of pretty stuff that Luke's friend Megan gave me since my birthday late December. I might have begged for my very own snitch, after I spotted the one she made for a white elephant gift. This perfect square frame turned up at the ReStore and with a little copper spray paint and I was ready to make something pretty.

Megan made some cool background paper, painted those letters, and fussy cut that lion on top of making that epic snitch. She mentioned to Luke that maybe I could put it all together and I thought that sounded like a terrific idea. Of course I had to find the right frame and get motivation...which took (cough) like three months....

Used some music paper as other background and of course added lots of pretty flowers and some orange thread. Ohhhh love it! This little frame is hanging out in my office to remind me to be be Honest, Brame, Courageous like Gryffindor! Do love Harry Potter!

Hope your Hump Day is quite epic!


  1. Heyyyy! Remember me?? This is so cool! And so personal with so many handmade just for you items. Beautiful!

  2. Fantastic and all the more precious for the extra handmade items. Love it!

  3. There is no doubt that you have an enormous talent for pulling things together and making them look like they belong.

  4. I am sure you're VERY good at being 'brame', ROFL!!!! No, seriously, LOVE the lion shape....ADORE the snitch - Megan is one VERY clever cookie & so are you, combining all this into a WONDERFULLY marvellous project. And yes, Harry ROCKS!!!!


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