Thursday, April 20, 2017

Mitra's Magic Room for THE CUTTING CAFE

Miss Regina over at THE CUTTING CAFE asked us to post photos of our craft rooms. I have blogged about my room before, but usually when I'm writing about a specific piece of furniture I've made or painted. In fact, the latest project you can see from here, that tall black shelf in the very back and I blogged about it here.

The tulip leg table was another project of mine as was the tool box sitting on it.

But, since there is a LOT to my office, instead of just showing you photos, I made a video. It's terrible, corny, and I don't make sense. In fact, maybe just watch it without listening....

I guess what I'd like to mention is that I've been adding things and tweaking things in this room for nearly three years. I actually rehabbed the one desk prior to moving in based on what the room looked like, so OVER three years. These little private spaces take time to really make homey and just so. 

Well, hope you enjoyed your tour! If you get really bored, you can take a peek at some of my other videos...there is a fascinating video of a roof that you might want to watch too....

Happy Thursday!


  1. Gorgeous craft space !! Love your floor and all of your beautiful cabinets/desks that look like they w ere all made special for the room!!

  2. Fabulous space, very tidy and neat... thanks for sharing.. love the big tools you got there too...!!

  3. SNORT! Cut your finger off....heeheeeee!!! Um. Maybe not - Tom's already tried that this year. But with a bit of a larger 'tool';) I am SO glad to see the Whole View of your room. Man, you have a lovely view out those windows and it's all so neatly stored away and what do you mean 'getting up the courage' for the Project Life? MITRA! JUMP IN!!!!!!! Was that a PL plastic sleeve I saw on your scrapping desk? Just DO it! You'll love it & never want to stop:):) Thanks for sharing. LOVED the voice over [& the entry way looks pretty neat too!!!

  4. I loved this! You have an amazing room there, jam packed full of great furniture and equipment! And what an amazing view you have. Thanks for sharing!

  5. thank you my friend for taking me on the journey through your room...first and far most...I WANT THAT VIEW...hello love it....your space is I know why you have all those create all that amazing stuff...tfs

  6. The view in your space is amazing!!! love it! Thanks for sharing with us... Enjoy. Paula

  7. I finally got to come back here and watch this (with sound) :) and such an awesome space... love how personal it is and it's beautiful... I'm a little disappointed though... I imagined it would be a little messy at! Mine actually looks the same today as it did in my pics... I've been pretty good about cleaning up after my crafty sessions (although admittedly sometimes they last a good week).. Also, I should take a page from your minimalistic ways, but alas, I probably won't...but I also have been using stuff up and using things I hadn't used yet so there's that... really just making room for more stuff probably, but I can hope that I'll actually just make room for the stuff I have.... and maybe get rid of one of the huge pieces of furniture I have in there. anyway! Fantastic video.. not corny at all and I can't wait to see it in person! (LOVE the hidden closet BTW... I want one...)


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