Thursday, April 6, 2017

Lovely Spring Bunny Bowl for THE CUTTING CAFE

Ran across this silver bowl at an estate sale the other day. It really needed a good shine. I was in love with the top scroll work and thought it would make a nice base for something pretty since the bowl part was all scraped up.

Turns out it made a perfect base for these bunnies from THE CUTTING CAFE! They are part of a file called BUNNY FAMILY SHAPED CARD SET and I thought were so cute setting in among some pretty pink flowers.

Really digging the milk glass base that is also upcycled and those clear sequins I used around the outside. The whole thing makes me happy with those rock star bunnies!

Happy Thursday to you!


  1. ABSOLUTELY ADORBS................................

  2. Very sweet.. love the bunny's among the flowers...

  3. Oh, those bunnies made me smile. They look so happy in their field of flowers!!! CUUUUTE project, Mitra:):)

  4. This is sooo pretty and so cool! Love when you make these masterpieces out of wonderful found household items... love it!!

  5. So cute! What a great way to make something ordinary very pretty indeed.


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