Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Wine & Design Layout

A couple of weekends back, my friend Teri organized another trip to Wine & Design. She's good like that. If it were up to me, I'd never get out. Anyhow, it then later coincided with THE AUNT coming, which then coincided with THE PARENTS coming. This is what happens when you live normally on the West coast and make a random trip to DC and decide to go visit the folks back East. You also then get to paint a sunflower with your sister.

Aren't they cute? I mean my friends are adorable too! Thought those pretty sunflowers with glitter were awesome. I'm not sure where I even got them. The very depths of the stash. They worked well though as did the project life cards that I cut up to make a page with. Baby steps here. Someday I'll put them in the little pockets where they belong.

I like the paper I used. It's a fall pack from Close to My Heart and this was the last of it. The swans worked well because well, everyone was kinda painting in pairs. I myself was supervising from a stool with a beer and some cake. Doesn't everyone subcontract their painting these days?

I would like to direct your attention to the fact my that my mother and aunt did not paint a sunflower like everyone else. They found the box they were supposed to be working in, turned it over, stood on it, and then switched things up. Which of course explains a lot when you get to how I work...

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Great page....a real 'fun' page....love their paintings....but how come you were drinking beer instead??? And I LOVE those big sunflowers... stash is amazing how it comes up ace, eh??!!! And looks like you had a lovely time with the family, too:):)

  2. This looks fabulous, love the design and love the sunflowers too.. great photos.. great memories!


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