Saturday, April 1, 2017

House Layout for Another Freaking Scrappy

It's no secret that I like working on houses. Well, most of the time. I can do without plumbing issues. This work project I'm pretty fond of. I think it's because we're nearly ready for paint and I can finally see the end in sight....or that the lawn in the back is a gardener's delight and bulbs are popping up all over. The past owner loved roses and I agree they are pretty awesome. She also had this huge patch of Snow Drops which are delightful even when it keeps spitting and sputtering snow out there. Lucky for me Anne over at Another Freaking Scrappy is asking for spring pages so I made this one so you could enjoy them too!

I really enjoyed printing a large photo on plain white scrapbook paper, adding some shimmer spray and then cutting out these egg shaped spots for journalling and my title. I then printed out a very small photo of the house on some kraft paper so it would look really old. This house was built in the 1920s and even survived the 1972 flood in Corning, so it's now on it's third revamp. I think we can get another hundred years out of it.

In fact, talking about spitting and sputtering, it's snow raining out there today, so I had to take this photo under the overhang on plastic so I could get the benefit of daylight, but not get my page soaked! My actual title was partially printed on the white paper so I could use our logo.

I snuck some clear sequins that are on a string up there in the corner. LOVE THOSE!! Almost as much as I love that pretty fabric washi...

And one more photo of the snowdrops. They won't last long, soon the daffodils will be taking over and I'll be in love with them!

Enjoy your Saturday! I'm off to help install windows and cedar siding.


  1. This is lovely especially as it is about a special home that will soon be a place for someone to call home... I love the snow drops i have a few in pots here!! I hope it doesn't take too long to get it all finished..

  2. Oh you are CRUEL. My very, very, VERY favest of flowers in the whole wide world. Snowdrops. I love thee!!! What a fantastic way to celebrate the almost finished house, with a page of its own. It looks like a very special house, having survived all it has - I do love how you can do the big photos like that to create the bg, too. But best of all. snowdrops!!!

  3. As I love working on houses too I couldn't click through fast enough to see how you had recorded your project. I'm loving that twist on the large photo, with those journaling spots. It's a beautiful looking house...easily good for many many years to come

  4. I do miss the crocus and the snowdrops... I'm so mad I didn't get that large format printer. Maybe I'll take the plunge for my birthday. That photo background is so awesome and love the look of that photo printed on Kraft! My favorite of course your pretty clusters of washi and those sequins....


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