Monday, March 4, 2013

A Mystery

I had quite a lot of amusement on Valentine's Day. One kid came home with two flowers and a box of chocolates. All from different people. Guess she is well loved. ;-) The other came home with an anonymous love note that was hand delivered by two giggling girls at lunch.

I almost peed my pants.

I then found him with a list of girls and his stack of cards and he was crossing off names. He was trying to figure out who liked him. Handwriting analysis and all that.

Oh my.

He is a bit shy. One of those NICE boys who is actually nice to girls. His Dad said a bit of sluthing was in his best interests. What if the girl was crazy stalker girl? ;-)

Anyhow, I have not gotten an update lately on whether he has figured it out. I am sure it occupied his brain for a few more minutes before thoughts of building something crazy with legos took over.

I had fun with this page. Just a simple, flat, nothing crazy kind of page to remember a moment in 4th Grade.

I was told not to post this JUST IN CASE girls in his class read my blog. I think I'm safe though...but don't rat me out!

Happy Monday!


  1. Can I just say I think your son is brilliant for analyzing the writing!
    I loved this story and the page and the secret is safe with me. I won't say a word....

  2. One can't help but smile :) How cute! Love the photo too!! Sleuthing updates welcome if he ever gets it figured out...

  3. Ah! Wouldn't it be nice to have something so sweet and innocent to occupy our minds. I love the simplicity of this one because the story is so cute, a secret for all of us to keep.

  4. WOuldn't that be the FUNNIEST...if word got round about this post...hope his sis is happy with him atm!!!!!! LOVE this page...the simplicity just adds to the photo & the story...that pic of the note is precious!!!!!!!

  5. I dont think you could add anything more to this layout.. the letter is very intriguing though..but very cute too!

  6. Oh my goodness! We are going through something similar over here. Alexis has her first boyfriend at eleven!!! Oh good grief. She basically railroaded him and told him he was her boyfriend. The story is all on Facebook. Crazy! I plan on scrapping about it too. LOL


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