Friday, March 1, 2013

Open Road page for Another Freaking Scrappy Page

There is the COOLEST ever challenge fresh up over at Another Freaking Scrappy that you MUST try for the pure fun of trying to figure out your bucket list. I have quite a lot of fun things on mine, from trying a coconut fresh from a palm tree in Hawaii to having a pretzel at a Calgary Flames Game. I did think perhaps I'd leave off the list and go for the concept with this page!

THE MAN has decreed we will travel when we retire. He wants to sell everything and hit the road with four wheels. Or 8, if you are hauling a smaller sized car. ;-)

Of course I do expect we'll be hauling something around a tad bit bigger than this baby camper I cut out for my page & inked up! I covered it with dimensional modge podge so it's almost like a hand made glossy sticker.

Here is a sideways view of my page so you can see the layers.

Loving my little flower cluster, the blue one is handmade from Irini and I have been hoarding it. It's not nice to hoard so I have been really trying to be good and use them up! I slipped a little stamp in there off an envelope from Spain as it matched the brilliant blue color so nicely. Thanks Alison!

Anyhow, hope you find a few minutes to play along. I would LOVE to know what you all have on YOUR bucket lists! So much fun to dream!

Happy Friday!


  1. Love your layout and agree your flower cluster looks fabulous , love the blue and it is a great way to scrap your bucket list with a photo of the open road

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  3. Gorgeous layout Mitra, just wanted to let you know that I have also awarded you the Leibster Award. I only enjoy reading your stories and admiring your unique creative take not only on layouts but your off the page projects. You can read about it on my post today and grab the award badge.

  4. AWESOME page chica! Did I ever tell you that my mom's antique store is actually called The Bucket List?

  5. What a gorgeous page & concept! I would love it if you could go into your settings to 'comments' and set them so they embed under the post rather than as a separate pop up like this as I like to scroll up again if I need reminding of anything. Your little camper van is so cute, as is your cluster. Goodness my bucket list is long and I don't have it written out yet. I should do that this year!!


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