Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Faking It with Wood Filler

THE MAN and I spent more time on my cabinet this weekend. We had to run out and buy hinges, knobs, and attempted to buy the paint we needed. Wanted fancy dancy knobs, but I think they will take away from the stained glass. Shouldn't be trying to overwhelm that. Besides, they didn't have any that I liked!

Oh the joy of living with so few stores...they did not have standard flat black paint either. ;-) 

Anyhow, we cut the legs down by four inches as the cabinet seemed a bit top heavy. Since we have spent a week walking around this piece of furniture in the barn, it was easy to make that determination. We also hung the doors and I spent quite a bit of time carefully sanding them so they don't rub on the wood on the bottom. 

We also decided after staring at this cabinet for a week that we both hated how the top looked. Since we are painting it, we could use a piece of plywood. THE MAN cut me a piece and we air nailed it on. Then I spent some time with the palm sander and then wood filler.

We decided to set the top board back by a smidge and I filled in the gap with wood filler. I am hoping it looks like it was carved later like the rest of the piece after it's painted. Faking it with Plywood and wood filler, rock on!

I hear my Mom is hard at work on the doors. We are anxious for those now we have put the hinges on. We are worried a bit about the weight. Anyhow, still a bit away from paint, but I now feel like it's real furniture!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. It's looking good- you've given it a new lease of life....like you- can't wait to see the doors. My mum used to do lead lighting....made 14 pendant hanging lights as a gift to her local church. Huge job!!!!

  2. Geez, talk about a teaser!! The anticipation of the glass is killing me. :) I definitely like the shorter legs and I can't wait to see the finished project in your craft room. No flat black paint??? I thought my town was sparse...

  3. I can't wait to see the finished cabinet. It's definitely looking gorgeous so far Mitra. All of your hard work will totally pay off.

  4. Can't wait to see the finished cabinet!..great job so ar!
    Alison xx

  5. I love these DIY posts! You are SO blessed to have access to cheap second hand furniture in the US. Here there is no such thing as cheap & second hand is almost non-existent. What gets sold is overpriced & rubbish. No good old furniture around at all. Have no idea where it goes but we have a few websites for it that are very poorly supported & not bargains at all. Here with crime being what it is people are VERY wary of having strangers arriving to view furniture. Your cabinet will be awesome!!


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