Friday, March 22, 2013

Fancy Feather Earrings

I have been on a feather kick lately and when I found the blue peacock feathers that were already earrings at a local store, I bought them to kick them up a notch. Added new hooks and the black/clear/rhinestone part. FANCY! I know.

They will look great with jeans, braided hair and my ratty green sweatshirt. ;-) I am kidding, I made them for a friend's birthday.

That is why I had to add a fancy little gift box. That little shimmery tie around the box is elastic, so I suppose, she can wear it as a bracelet. Fun times.

I am sure she goes to a lot of fancy balls, so perhaps she can wear it with one of those Downton Abbey gowns?

And in other news, I am sitting here breathing varnish fumes.

My new scrapbooking cabinet is mostly done.

Well, it is painted and cleared. Unfortunately right this minute it's giving me a huge headache as it is still smelly.

BUT I LOVE IT. It fought us the entire way. It is great it is supposed to look old and beat up already...since we accomplished that by accident. Some of the clear did not behave.

See how perfectly my paints fit in there?

Still have to get the shelves and the stained glass doors from my Mom and Dad.

Stained glass is all done, just waiting for us to get it at Easter. How to you like that RED? THE MAN picked out all the glass and colors.

Will be glad when the whole project is done. It was one of two large projects we have been messing with lately.

The first one I haven't told you about yet....saving that for a scrappy page!

Happy Friday!


  1. OMGosh! This - ALL of this - is have done a fabulous, amazing transformation of the cabinet & it will look simply STUNNING with those doors. You must be so very, VERY happy!!! And those ear-rings...stupendous....aren't they soooo yummy & artsy????? Lucky friend, indeed:):):) Can't wait to see the surprise project...that'll be fun....:):):)

  2. Loving those earrings and the sequins!!!

  3. That cabinet is looking good. Make sure you keep the windows open when you're in that room - headaches from fumes is NOT good.

  4. Speaking of Downton Abbey..I should not have rushed through them so fast. Now I have to wait until 2014 for the next season...UGH! Those earrings are phenomenal and I love the scrunchy wrap you made and the cabinet....AMAZING!!! My goodness the glass work your mom did is out of this world!!!
    Fantastic post today filled with uber amounts of inspiration and creativity.
    p.s...Got an INCREDIBLE box in the mail last night!!!!!!!! LOOOVE that mask soo much. It's hanging on my lamp right beside me and the other goodies I cannot wait to dive into. THANK YOU :D

  5. wow you are keeping busy with all these projects on the go.. the earrings looks stunning.. very elegant, the cupboard will be amazing and so practical and the window looks marvelous.. love the red heart... I hope you are thawing out a bit over there...

  6. What gorgeous doors & love seeing that you already have some scrappy supplies in there!! Great earrings you made too - double WOW!!

  7. WOW you did an amazing job on this, I tend to get things sanded down then give Just love it your hard work has paid off.


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