Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Little Feet and Some Hot Glue

THE MAN often has brilliant ideas. A while ago I said I wanted to put this little Herb Ox display on my counter, but it was hard because the little Herb Ox boxes did not sit straight and kept falling out. He suggested hot gluing them in. I was horrified. I said, why then you can't use them! He said, oh yes you can, glue the bottom and then you can take the top off if needed.

Goodness he is smart. And no, he did not hack my blog although I suspect he might someday. I did put him as an admin on my blog JUST IN CASE I was ever too sick to tell peeps that I was laying in a hospital bed and did not have my laptop. See how my brain works?

Always worse case. ;-)

I added Tim Holtz feet and now I am totally in LOVE with this. Makes me smile every time I walk by. And yes, Mushrooms in my kitchen too. Matches the freaky grouchy fighting monarch creature I have framed on the wall.

It reminds me of my cat, what can I say?

Anyhow, Happy Tuesday! When in doubt, use hot glue and add some feet!


  1. Mitra, I love it. Did you make the wooden part too, or did it come with the little containers? Don't blame you for smiling everytime you look at it.

  2. Hot glue is honestly the answer to world tension. I've never come across anything like it for stickability but I'm a total buffoon with it and burn myself every time! That little piece is an absolute delight - it would make me smile regularly too!!

  3. I totally LOVE the little mushrooms. Your house looks like a lot of fun Mitra. That poster alone is awesome! LOL

  4. ahhh, hot glue, always good as the last resort...

    and I (along with everyone else) am loving your mushrooms.

    equally in love with the print, does your cat have butterfly wings as well?? xx

  5. GREAT idea. That's why you married him!!! And when I see these, I think of the little box you sent me which has my hearts in it. Scrapping ones, that is!!!!!

  6. Oh my that is hilarious, the bit about being to sick to blog and let us know where you are. I have a visual in my head, you in the hospital in your gown on the bed telling hubby not to forget to blog. Not funny that you are sick though don't want you to think my mind is that warped... I do like how this turned out though and occasionally our MEN do have some great ideas.


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