Thursday, March 14, 2013

Top Talent Thursday at Our Creative Corner: Mask Tutorial

A while ago I won the weekly challenge over at Our Creative Corner for a Mardi Gras Mask. Consequently Our Creative Corner asked me if I was interested in making a project for Top Talent Thursday. Of course!

Hop on over there today and check me out. I answered a few questions of theirs. Things you might not know about me? Or maybe you do.

I got three masks in the package and have been dying for a good excuse to make another as I really wanted to alter the plastic mask before starting with the glitter.

Also, I thought I'd do a quick tutorial since it's actually fairly easy to get something this shimmery and shiny with not a lot of effort. Here are the items I started with. The actual mask was super cheap and purchased at a party store. The heart is just a paper shape cut from a Silhouette and the paper I used to trace the shapes I wanted.

So, here is my advice on glitter. We all have some I am sure. I have a huge set of rainbow colored glitters from Martha. RARELY do they see the light of day. I like glitter, I really do. It is just messy.

I used an old cookie sheet for mine and still ended up wearing quite a bit while applying. It does feel good to use some up...

The gold & purple glitter I attached to this shape with Krylon Clear Gloss Spray. It is NOT MOVING at this point. It has become one with the heart. The spray is sticky and then seals it. This is the same method I used for the mask since if you were to actually use the mask for one of those Masquerade parties you are always attending, you would want to avoid wearing glitter on your face or hands.

I let the heart dry on one of the masks since it was quite wet and floppy. Wanted it to have a cool shape when I added it to the actual mask.

Here is the mask after I traced some shapes into the plastic and also punched out a star. I think it would be fun to get really crazy and creative with the shape of the mask.

I used three different glitters to get the color I wanted. Don't be afraid to mix and match. The idea is to make a small dent in your glitter stash! I simply coated the black plastic with the clear spray and starting sprinkling. Many coats of clear spray and more sprinkling, I added my gold heart. I wanted it to be part of my mask, not just sitting on it, so added some Dimensional modge podge to fill in the areas the heart touched the mask. Added more glitter...and more clear spray at the end.

Here is a close up of a upcycled earring I used to decorate the side of my mask. I used the same clear coat and a black glitter. Decorated the top with the center to an old bracelet that was dyed with alcohol ink. The bling the other side by the star got the same treatment. Love that it works on most everything!

And, here you have it! I'm popping this mask in the mail to head over to my friend Lisa from You Made Me Ink. She is always a rock star blogger and it was her challenge that I won! Hope she likes it and can wear it to all those fancy masquerade parties she attends. ;-)

Happy Thursday!


  1. LOVE've done an OTT AWESOME job here....just beautiful....I just ordered a Silhouette [birthday pressy from my WONDERFUL DH!!] I'm hoping I can do yummy hearts like you very soon!!!!

  2. Oh my this looks amazing! I love glitter too but usually use it in the form of kindy glitz!! and love the feathers!

  3. Very beautiful Mitra! Now you need to organise a Masquerade Ball Blogging convention so we can all make one ;)

  4. Wowwwwwwwwwww! This is amazing!! I loveeeeeeeee it!!

  5. Oh MY, love this soooo much. Good job my friend.

  6. So pretty!! Loving the glitters, Great work.....

  7. I AM SOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!! This has to be the most beautiful mask EVER; aside from the winning one you submitted at OCC. :D
    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU..... and thank you again.
    I actually bought another cookie sheet today, thanks to you and your great ideas for using them!!
    Congrats to you again on a very well deserved win at Our Creative Corner.


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