Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Peru Day 2 Continued: ScrapFriends Sketch

Yesterday I blogged about my first day in Peru and also part of my second. This page is a continuation of my previous journaling page. Right now they are back to back in my book so you'd flip the first page and finish reading on the second.

I did have a ScrapFriends sketch I used for this page, but I made my photos much bigger and added a few extra not to mention the huge journaling section, so I am not sure how similar they look now! Loved the little flippy top though that looks like an envelope...wish I could have added the string part!

My journaling so you don't have to strain your eyes:

It was a humble little open area with tables full of textiles for sale, a nice place to sit and drink more tea, and watch their youngest give us a presentation. She spoke quite well in ENGLISH on the various plants needed to dye all that beautiful yarn. I am guessing she was around 12 and also had braces, which was a stark contrast to many of the other kids running around. I am thinking that the tour groups stopping in brought her family a good income so they could pay for the braces and keep their traditional crafts alive by hand making all sorts of lovely items.

They had a small little oven going near by the guinea pig cage, which we later found out was a Peruvian Delicacy. I did not manage to eat any while I was there!

After purchasing some lovely items, we got back on the bus and kept driving toward the Urubamba Valley. We made a brief stop at an overlook and took some photos. We could see a grain storage area. We ran into our first Peruvian Family with small people who wanted money for their picture. It was an interesting experience. By the time we left, we were starting to get hungry…

Thank goodness they had an amazing lunch planned at a Hacienda. The food was delicious! It should not have been surprising, due to how fertile the valley was.  All you could see was various food plots as we drove down the twisty windy road to the beautiful fortress.

The Hacienda had amazing gardens, huge humming birds and a real lemon tree! They also had tons of Inca artifacts and some Spanish Art work. The Inca stuff was lovely and the Spanish…well, quite a bit over the top.

After our bellies were full, we were on our way to where we were going to sleep for the night, the Fairy House. This was by far one of my favorite places. It was really called Sol y Luna. I really want my own Fairy House now!

And here is a sideways view of my page. Hope you can see the photos this way...the poor guinea pigs are under the stove where they are keeping warm in the top photo. I know, not a yummy idea personally....I am told they taste like fried chicken. ;-(

I am back tomorrow, but not with more Peru stuff. I have to post a photo of my latest project I made for the Spot Light over at Our Creative Corner. I got a bit crazy with the glitter on that one...

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Ooooh, I am enjoying going to Peru with you:):) sad about the guinea pigs:(:( but that s life , I guess. Not much different than eating rabbit I guess. Done heaps of that!!!!! I thought it was the SF sketch...I could see the top bit:):):)!!!! I really like how you've managed to even get some photos on with your journaling:):) and thanks, as always for joining our challenge:):):):)

  2. I already knew about Guinea pigs being eaten in glad you didn't have to eat one! enjoying sharing in this adventure!
    Alison xx

  3. How cool of you to use the Scrapfriends sketch and fit in your amazing narrative! Love this, Mitra.

  4. Love how you managed to fit so many photos and the huge chunk of journaling too! Fab!:)

  5. Great work and loooove the journaling.

  6. Lovely page and still pretty despite so many photos and all that journaling. That's sometimes the way it has to be with travel/event pages or imagine how many albums we would have LOL!


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