Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sweet Fun Layout for Another Freaking Scrappy

As much as I am getting tired of SHOVELING the white stuff (the internal argument of it being a good work out is losing ground) I don't mind scrapping it so much!

Had to make a fun page of a trip we made out back to cut some wood. The trailer got stuck eight times and we had to winch it out several times. It was fun for a while until I got cold! So, they all posed for a Victory photo for me to cheer me up!

Had a GREAT sketch to use from Another Freaking Scrappy. The challenge opens today, so hope you are inspired by it as well! Come play with us!

May have taken a few wee liberties, but I do have flowers and a huge round element! I am into layers right now. 

Heck, I even have really round flowers! ;-)

Really LOVE how that paper doily that Shirley punched for me turned out. It was originally white with a subtle pattern, but some spritzes and a good crumble made it all tattered. Here is a side view of it. 

And one last photo so you can see the deck is snow free for once!

Hope you are having a GREAT WEEKEND and are full of all kinds of inspiration to get scrappy!



  1. This looks a lovely sketch and love your layout, that frill around your circle looks pretty, great photo too. Having never seen snow I can only imagine muddy roads would be similar!!! I must put this on my list!

  2. Just love your layout, it is super sweet, love the round elements, thanks for sharing, and good luck with your gifts of kindness for lent!

  3. LOL...a FEW liberties.....well, maybe!!! Just stirring you up! That bobble string looks fabulous & I'm really liking the hearts sprinkled around...I think I'd rather them than snow, to be honest!!!

  4. This is absolutely fabulous, those blossom - ahhhhh!!!!

  5. Loving your take on the sketch - your layers are awesome. Loving the new blog banner too!!!


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