Monday, March 9, 2015

My Digi Girl Layout

Lexi and I took a little trip to the coffee shop the other day to check out a piece of her art work. Heavenly Cup in the Post has loads of art work up to celebrate National Youth Art Month.

She is learning photoshop so is standing next to a digital piece of hers.

I'm excited about her Photoshop skills, in fact she even has a license at home to use!

I was also pretty pumped at the photograph I printed for my background on 12 by 12 white paper. She has been wearing those boots a lot and since we were on the stairs, it was easy to take a photo!

I wanted a really funky page so added some stenciled plaster that I inked up. Also some butterfly paper, hot pink doily and butterfly paper!

Hope your Monday is awesome!


  1. I was wondering when I was going to her more about Lexi's digital endeavors and it sounds like it's going AWESOME!!! I'm so happy for her and the cafe shop display and those dadgum incredible boots!
    What a proud Mommy you must be :)

  2. This look fabulous....loooove your big bg image....ADORE the stencilling over......& CLEVER Lexi....can you spare her? She can come PS me any time she chooses!!! Gap year in OZ, Lex???!!!! Oh, you Yanks don't 'do' gap years...that's the Poms I think...oh well.....any time! And the little Maruska doll-ish flair? PERFECTION!!!

  3. Other than the shot of Lexi, my very favorite part of the layout is that background. Congrats to Lexi on her digital piece, she is sooooo talented.

  4. Well done Lexi! fabulous layout, love that stencilling, and great shot of the boots too!

  5. Love it! I am so blessed to have her as a student! One talented girl you have there :-)

    Love your layout and techniques!

  6. This looks awesome ! Love the use of the big photo as the background. A very cool layout indeed,
    Love it


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