Monday, November 9, 2015

Me on a Monday: Wine Touring, Spray Painting, a Dog & a Red Cat

WOW, busy weekend!

You can tell the end of the year is approaching. Just like every year, things start speeding up. Pratt Inc. starts their birthdays with Lexi, then THE MAN, wrapping up with Luke. He turns 13 this Friday. Yikes!

On Sunday, Luke went on an Oriention Flight for Civil Air Patrol, flying to Ithaca & over a Veterans Day parade. Thankfully the flight was in the middle of the day so I was able to sneak in some early morning spray painting. I'm all kinds of pumped about making a cloche with some goodies I snagged from the second hand store!

Others of us choose to nap away Sunday. That is the ONLY piece of furniture that Duncan is allowed on, honest! It's my chair and we came to an agreement. I think he likes it because it's a good look out to keep track of everyone...that is when your eyes are actually open!

On Saturday THE MAN and I went out wine touring with some fun peeps! My favorite was Hazlitt, but then again I've always been fond of Red Cat. They tell the story about some hot cougar holding up a glass & chanting:

Red Cat! Red Cat! It’s an aphrodisiac! 
Red Cat! Red Cat! It'll get you in the sack!

Whether or not this is actually true, it's a fun story to tell when you are not actually IN the Finger Lakes where everyone knows this story already and can point wisely to the HHJ on the wine bottle in the hot tub label and explain what it means...Hazlitt's Horny Juice. Honestly I liked the wine slushies & the house cat the best!

What's great though about a wine tour all day on Saturday is an early evening nap on the couch and then up early on Sunday to get lots of things done so you are ready for Monday! Fun times!

Happy Wave over to Sian who is our Me on a Monday Girl


  1. Sounds busy but full of fun! Cannot WAIT to see the cloche!!

  2. Haha! That sounds like fun. I hope you brought home a case or two ..and that the rest of the week is a good one!

  3. Madness reigneth in the Pratt household o see! Good;) Dogs ruling the furniture, too. GREAT shot of Duncan... Btw- that's my DHs middle name!!!! And Luke ruling the skies .... WTG!!!!!!!

  4. That wine sounds yummy...and sweet...will look for it here!! And hope Birthdays bring special food treats...looks like Duncan has settled in as a serious member of the family keeping attendance. Good for Luke getting a dream flight.

  5. Hi again! Just checked my comments to moderate & saw yours about the gem like berry! Yes from that angle I see it does look like a juicy raspberry but actually it is one of the new Prima Say it in Crystals stick on bling - whole packs like that - can you imagine?! Irridescent too!! Yummmmmm....

  6. I think everyone's household speeds up at this time of the year! Good on you Duncan you look very compfy on your chair!

  7. Wine slushies sounds fun. Hope all the birthday celebrations go well and have a fab week

  8. OMG...your puppy. I want to hug! That picture is adorable and so is your cloche. I was tickled glittery pink when you showed me you found those pieces....nicely done!


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