Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Sunflower Painting

Finally got around to getting a little sunflower water color Jeanie made framed up and on the wall. Sometimes I start a To-Do Pile and that was in the pile along with a few other things that needed to go to the frame shop. Finally got it back the other day. It's only been six months or maybe eight?

I thought sunflowers would look nice next to angry monarch creature poster and near another framed piece from Peru of a barn door bolt.

Notice how well pink and orange go well together and that my ceiling has sparkles. I know I might be crazy, but hey, if it makes ME happy when I look at it and THE MAN doesn't notice what is hanging where, I'm going with it!

Her piece is right on time though since the sunflowers are working hard at growing tall these days in my garden. I never plant them, but the birds got crazy this year and I had a whole crop spout up!

Happy Friday peeps! I for one am totally happy to have made it through the week!


  1. LOVE sunflowers!! Love Jeanie too - such a sweetie. Her painting looks great. Love your eclectic collection...

  2. Looks good on your wall Mitra, but the one I love is the Peru watercolour, now that is amazing!!

  3. They all look amazing M.

  4. LOVE your eclectic mix...wish my DH didn't notice hanging stuff....& can't wait till you have Live Pics of your very own sunnies:):):) And sooo with you...glad this weeks done:):)

  5. Angry Monarch Creature is fabulous and Jeanie's sunflower painting is amazing right there next to it all!! Of course, I'm partial n' all with being a Kansas raised girl. I Love, LOVE, LURVE your eclectic wall of things you love. It's perfect and homey and comfy :)
    hugs to you Mitra,
    Lisa x


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