Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Quirks, Onion, and Mitza Pitza Challenge: AHHHHHCHOOOO!

Dude. I cannot tell you how icky this week was.

Allergies struck Sunday night after an all day rain and I spent most of the earlier part of this week half dead with tissues stuck up my nose.

No seriously. NOT KIDDING!

THE MAN even said tissues stuck up ones nose are not sexy. I may have been crying at the time when he said it, but they were not real tears. My eyes were dripping!

Needless to say I spent every free available moment on the couch with a book when I wasn't attempting to work. Working while medicated on various allergy meds is not extremely effective, fyi!

Being the last week of school, there wasn't a lot of downtime.

Which is why at one point on Wednesday as I was driving a kid home from school I was expecting to get pulled over for sneezing five times in a row while driving.

Nothing is worse than those couple of minutes you shut your eyes and hope for the best....

Anyhow, my creativity was at an all time low. I wanted to be playing with paper...but had no umpfh!

So, my theory when that happens...

Blog Land and Challenges and Design Teams all will go on....while you are pulling yourself back from death and next week will be better!

I did make a card for Luke's Teacher since the boy is moving up to the middle school. See, that is him right there peeking at you. ;-)

My small people are all morphing into big people. It was my last hurrah for teacher gifts.

Even cheated a little with the card since the middle section was previously cut out of a scrapbook page. ;-) See?

Was going to put a gift cert to our local liquor store in my card since that is the kind of present I would love. Did not manage to get to the liquor store. Figured that would make my driving while sneezing thing a lot worse if I had bottles in the jeep and got pulled over by the Popo.

Amazon gift card from the local drug store purchased while buying more allergy meds had to suffice!

I did like how it turned out. That little green metal piece at the bottom is an earring I painted and upcycled.

I also did a very wee bit of stitching as The Onion (aka Sue) and Quirks (aka Lisa) Challenge #5 was to sew a chevron pattern. 

I am sure they have made something quite fabulous so I encourage you to go check out their blog!

And, guess what!

SCHOOL IS OUT for the next 10 weeks. Why that right there puts a spring in my step!


  1. Glad the 12's [see Popo link!!!] didn't pull you over....awful having allergies:(:(.....but you pulled off the stitching well:):)And YAY to you guys & summer hols. Hope the sniffles go AWAY:):):)

  2. Hello M
    Oh I do sympathise with you, Allergies can be so debilitating, and sneezing continuously is the pits!!! Anyway, you did manage to complete the Challenge wonderfully and I love all the interesting elements you added to this creation, it is unique and tactile. Well Done M.

  3. Wonderful card and very creative! Love the feathers! Hope you're feeling better soon!

  4. Loved reading your story but sorry you're feeling so bad, I hope the allergies and things run away quickly. Love to see your upcycling, you're so creative.

  5. Oh dear, I can relate to the allergies.. I get them too.. I do hope you have found some relief by now.. Your card looks wonderful.. I do love how you have used the oval from your layout on it.. love the chevron paper.. and in case you just sneezed.... BLESS YOU!!

  6. very COOL card & SO sorry you are suffering! My kids too!! They live on Texa Ten. Works a treat! Hope you feel better!!

  7. Hate allergy flare ups... Hope you are feeling much better! Your card is beautiful and I love the creativity with the earring! The self portrait of your son is fabulous too!!

  8. You're absolutely right, blog land will go on, but I think we'd ALL be saddened if we didn't have our Mitra posts to make us laugh and smile. I know me personally, I can't go longer than 3 days without a fix.
    I love your teacher appreciation card and I nearly crapped myself laughing at the liquor store idea...LOVE THAT! I wonder how many teachers actually wish for something that creative from a parent. The sewn chevron looks wonderful and your vibrant green feathers and the renewed earring piece look fabulous on your card.
    I hope today finds you feeling MUCH better! Enjoy that Summer break :D


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