Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Onion, Quirks & Mitza Pitza Challenge Project Reveal

Yikes, it looks like my family portrait in my Letter P is missing the smallest member of the Pratt Clan, but he is there, I assure you.

The large purple blooms are making it hard to see him...handmade large purple blooms using scrap paper, gesso, ink, glimmermist, perfect pearls and glitter!

I'm feeling lots of purple lately.

Could be my purple iris that are blooming...or the lilacs....

And how you ask did you make those little white ghosty blotches on that P? Bleach my friend on a Q-tip!

Fun times. Here is a before photo of my P looking all painterly and bleachy. Love my cookie sheet. So good for mess.

I decided to try bleach since the Onion (aka Sue) and Quirks (aka Lisa) Challenge #3 involves using bleach and some other medium.

I am hoping nobody asks me to count how many mediums I used since I started with black spray paint and ended up with modge podge spray and glitter. A few layers  in between...who counts when you start adding!

See, you can see the edge of the boy there...peeking out behind the rolled rose.

My favorite part of the letter P is the little glass bead I glued on the hook. I felt CLEVER after I did that!

Anyhow, these challenges were designed to SPICE up the Crafting Life and I am feeling all kinds of happy inside. I'm scared to death on next week's challenge....but I have some ideas!

Have a GREAT Saturday my Friends!


  1. Ahhh the Mitza Pitza at last and well worth waiting for. Love the blue hanger and the flowers, all handmade, fantastico!!

  2. Hello Mitza
    Love this letter, it is BIG and BOLD, and I adore the Flowers,the contrast colour really pops, I am so pleased you felt happy after this project, as this is the aim of the Challenges,as well as producing great work, you are certainly providing inspiration. You are not the only one who is freaking about next week!!!!!!

  3. This looks amazing! Bleach???!! wow, I am sure you could transform anything!!

  4. Mitza Pitza, eh????!!!!!!!!! Anyhow...bleachy-peachy...or purple...looks great even if the Boy with the Best Name in the world is partially your wovenish looking flower, too.....VERY neat 'P':):):)
    And LILACS??? Gosh, you are sooo lucky!!!!!

  5. You are just rolling in the creative ideas! Your altered P looks fantastic and I love that you used the negative space for a photo!

  6. Lol....I'm like you. I got to the point where I had to remind myself that bleach was in there, i had too many mediums. I am so excited that this weeks project is on the wall of fame!!! Right next to the 3 boobies :) your bead at the top looks amazing and pairs nicely with the flower center. Your bleach spots are perfectly executed and the whole thing is very cool and inspiring!!! P.S. I know i set the challenge, but I'm freaking out too!!!!! Can't wait for you guys to make the list next time :)
    Hugs to you Mitza!!!

  7. I was looking at these letters today.......thanks for the inspiration. I will get some as soon as we have moved house......mmmmm no house yet and we have to be out of this one at the end of the month. Wish me luck!!


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