Monday, June 3, 2013

The Tree Page for Another Freaking Scrappy

Sometimes I come up with the craziest ideas!

I have seen shaker cards out in blog land for the longest time. You know, the kind where glitter or beads float around and it's pretty?

I decided to make a shaker scrapbook page....which is why the center of my page is clear vellum...

The words aren't faded, they just appear darker depending how you look at the page....

Can you see a smidge of glitter there at the bottom?

OK, take my word for it. There are a couple of pieces that have not managed to escape. I have not mastered the shaker scrapbook page as of yet. At least the kind where things stay shakin'....

I was going for the whole snow with white glitter look since my page is wintry.

Ages and ages ago when I was a junior in college as was THE MAN, he asked me to marry him under the big Christmas Tree in Rome, NY. It seems like forever ago! All made for the latest challenge up at Another Freaking Scrappy:  How did your spouse propose to you? Where? How did you propose to your spouse? If this has never happened to you ‐ how did you dream it would? Or did you ever want that to happen to you?

Here is a side view of my page. You can see The City Christmas Tree Ornament we hang every year on the tree in memory. Also some green shimmery trees I cut out with my Silly.

Also can see my FUGLY Nearly Free Flowers! Love those!

One of my favorite parts of this page are the letters I cut out with my Silly and inked up & stamped with this really cool stamp that Jean sent me. LOVE IT!

Happy Monday by the way! Hope you get a chance to play along!


  1. YAY! Look at that Silly star...well, not a star...even if it is Christmas....but least you GOt a proposal....2 marriages down. Zilch proposals...maybe I should scrap THAT. Then put it in a very private place so I don't get blasted!!!!!!!!!! Good go at the shaker thing. You're a braver woman than me!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is gorgeous!! LOVING the trees and the flowers!!!

  3. This is really lovely.. I love the story of the proposal tree.. and the flowers are not fugly at all...and good on you for doing a shaker layout, I have not tried to do any sort of shaker in scrap booking!!

  4. I love this! My spouse proposed about two months after we met, but as we were only 19 at the time, we gave it a couple of years before actually tying the knot

  5. Oh your MAN is all Man and very romantic. Loving the pointsettia flowers and those delish trees! I've used up all the ones you sent me.

  6. Wonderful page (even if the glitter was trying to escape!) and I love the idea of a shaker frame on a scrapbook page. What a sweet and romantic way to propose...


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