Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Close to My Heart Project: Painting with Stamp Pads

Every now and again I get a little e-mail from the girls down south where we moved from. They have been continuing on the tradition of getting together on a Sunday afternoon and working on some scrap projects. And, nicely enough they keep ordering stuff from me and I get the pleasure of designing a project. WHICH to me, is the best part!

So, in the new Close to My Heart catalog (in fact on their cover) there is a lovely new paper set called Stella. My hostess liked this new set and the colors associated with it. So, I opted to base the project from that paper package and associated colors.

One lovely color is Sunset and the other Lagoon.

I opted to "paint" my board here using Orange. I'm sending her both stamp pads so those girls can pick. OR, of course there is always the option of clear or white!

I am rather fond of Sunset, although Lagoon is pretty awesome too.

So, basically prepped the base using Gesso. A thin wash though so the stamp ink will stick nicely and the wood grain will show through.

Second step is gently rubbing the stamp pad all over the wood so you get the desired shade. More would mean you'd see less wood grain, less would be a lighter orange since the next step will allow the color to "run" and show the grain more.

The last "painting" step is a nice coat of modge podge. Let it dry and apply your paper!

And, here is my finished decorated project! I see my letters at the bottom are popping up just a wee bit. I'll have to hit those with more modge podge.

These new blooms worked out perfectly with my color scheme! Here is a close up. I did use my Sizzix and a Spellbinder die to cut out the recycled leaves that I left all brown and plain. I am sure the girls will ink them up if they so wish.

You can see just the edge of the really soft velvet rub-on that I used. I am sending a sheet for them to try on their projects as well! I am IN LOVE!!!!

I made a neat die cut using that same recycled cardboard and ripped strips of the Stella paper. It was so pretty and works so well together, I wanted to use a bit of each!

I ran the card board and strips of the paper attached with adhesive through my Sizzix to get this lovely scalloped shape. Of course, inked up the edges with Lagoon.

I choose to complete my project with a photo. But, I can easily see a nice big Monogram or something else in the center. Those girls always take my projects and make them their own, so I really can't wait to see what they do.

As always, e-mail me if you have any questions! And yes, I do stuff like this all the time with my stamp pads. They seem to be never ending since I've had CTMH stamp pads forever and only have refilled the black once. Use up your stash!!!

And, Sistah In Law, my completed project is heading your way! Thanks for the lovely photo of your three kiddos!


  1. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous...love love lovewhat you did I am sure your Sistah in law!!! LOL willl lurv it!

  2. Love this project. Looks so cheery and spring-like. Thanks for sharing with me too, Mitra.

  3. This is GORGEOUS! Loving how you did your base...and loving those flowers!

  4. Yay! I can't wait to see how they turn out. We will send photos...

  5. Hi there, I love it too !!You are one talented lady ! Such bright and cheery colours such a perfect project.


  6. OOoh I love coming here and seeing your lovely projects Mitra. What you have made out of nothing and a few bits of paper is amazing. You are one amazing woman too!

  7. Hi.. what a lovely mix of complimentary colors, gorgeous photo, and the flowers and vine look wonderful.. the layout before this post looks so lovely too.. a great take on the sketch... i hope things are good with you!!

  8. I didn't get one, I'm offended! I love it, I want to make one too and I want to start crafting on Sunday as long as I can come in my PJ's.

  9. What? A PJ crafting party on Saturdays??? Can I come too. I'll bring pastries. :D

    Mitra, love what you've done here! So much so that I'm eyeballing my kitchen table as we speak!!! Hmmmm, Real red or More Mustard? :D

  10. What a fantastic project this is!! Love the real wood base - coolio...

  11. WOw, this is so grogeous. Love the wood base and your treatment of it. WOnderful colours. TFS!

  12. Very pretty. The way the mod podge looks over the ink is so cool. Great color combination too.


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