Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Letter from the President and a Layout

I took a break from the beach pages to tidy up my office. This means that I scrapbooked a few things I had sitting around waiting for a page. See how this works? Tidying means some cases! (This quite possibly might be the reason that cleaning the office takes so long, but it will be our secret.) I had saved the invite, the tag that came with their gift, and the envelope to use on a layout with this photo in a little pile and now that pile is gone, so its a win win!

Lexi thinks at some point she'll look back and see how cheap the postage stamp was and be amazed....I told her that I hoped Happy mail still existed by that point!

Tucked in behind this layout in the scrapbook will be Volunteer Service Award letter that Lexi got from the White House. See, last summer Lexi picked up hours right and left that other kids couldn't fill instead of just working the one week they gave her. This year she will be down there every Thursday as she's on their Teen Advisory board. Luke will be going with her to help out in other places plus he will be there for his week.

I used a piece of silver scalloped tape that I cut out on the Big Shot. It was extra from a project I haven't shown you yet. Tucked in some velvet petaloo flowers and a cute little tree charm. Fussy cut the photo a bit as the background was distracting.

Randomly while "tidying" I happened to have a bottle of green patina in my hand that needed to get put away and I thought why not dots...the fact they dried to a nice enamel like sheen impressed me greatly...and since it was was purely an experiment on my part...I was happily surprised on how cool they looked!

Happy Thursday! Creeping towards the weekend at this point!


  1. This looks lovely! Great memories!

  2. How fantastic! Scrapbook pages with "bits" on are the very best kind.

  3. I love this...and great to honor Lexie and Luke. Volunteering is so much fun for all ages and great for developing skills at their ages. Good on the resume too. Nicely put together scrapbook page!

  4. THe green patina 'dots' look AMAZING! Great discovery right there! And well done errrr.... 'tidying' your scrap space!!! AND well done Lexi.....AND I do so hope there is still 'real' mail. But somehow I doubt it. Sad, that thought!!! But this page....happy....& stapled title. I notice. I liked a lot!!!


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