Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Hello from OBX layout

One of our favorite things to do when we go to the Outerbanks is to hit the beach. THE MAN rigged up a portable air compressor that takes the air out of the tires & got a beach pass so we could drive out with the truck. There are only certain times of the year they allow you to go out (when it's safe for the wildlife, like the baby sea turtles). The trick to driving on the beach is that you have to let the air out of your tires to allow it to roll over the sand vs. getting stuck.

I used a really big photo for this layout as I really liked this one of the three of us.

Since there are a TON of vacation photos, I added a second photo.

A few shells from the beach, twine, some gold paint, and some dyed cheese cloth to give it a beachy feel!

Hope your Tuesday is top notch!


  1. As I was reading I thought to myself..ooh, she's given this a real beachy feel. Then I saw your last sentence.

  2. Not sure which is my fave .... Glimmery "hello" .... Or glittery "from"..... They both look brill & set the (beachy) scene!!!! Can imagine y'all loving riding on the beach!!!!

  3. Well... all right... now you're just showing off... I do LOVE that hello!


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