Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Candle Stick Weapon & Gold Handled Pitcher

Due to a busy week, my usual trip down to the ReStore was delayed. In fact, I almost didn't think I was going to make it. However, on Thursday, which evidently is a luckier day than Tuesday, I found all kinds of goodies.

Lots of awesome hardware to add my stash....and while you are looking at vintage pulls, look at those crazy leaves on the bottom of that extremely heavy metal candle stick...

My favorite thing that I found is that hand painted pitcher with the pretty gold handle....for $3!! Whhooohoooo! I am a sucker for anything that is hand painted. You can bet I washed that by hand and carefully! ;-)

The lady at the ReStore said the candle stick was so heavy it would be a good weapon to keep on the side of the bed. I'm not entirely sure what kind of metal it is, I just used a soft cloth and some toothpaste to clean off the grime. Still thinking on what I might do with it..it might just be a candle stick.....gasp!

And check out that little shaker box with the roses. Someone hand made that. It was stamped in the top! Not sure if I'm going to add anything to it or just enjoy it the way it is...time will tell!

Glad you joined me for a little junking trip! I get so much pleasure out of $10, polishing my treasures when I get home and then finding homes for them! Later, they might get altered!

Happy Tuesday (back to my normal junkin day, wish me luck)!


  1. Wow what treasures!! I do like that jug and the candlestick?? lovely box too.. you sure do have an eagle eye for treasures!!

  2. You've done SOOOO well - more and more peeps are shopping at our Oppies that they're almost becoming like boutiques. Sadly, I think! Great haul here. Enjoy - then enjoy some more!!!

  3. So jealous!! Good stuff for sure! That pitcher... gorgeous... the gold!!!!


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