Monday, May 2, 2016

Memorandum Monday: Hitch Itch and Camper Queens

Last week my new boss asked what OBX stood for. I had used those intials when I posted my vacation on the team calendar. It's the slang term for Outerbanks, NC, where we went for Spring Break week. After spending nine days in the camper, I thought I'd tell you a bit about what it's like to live in a tin box with wheels for a while.

For me, I am a bit of a gypsy at heart. I love hitting the road and driving someplace new. Add in a towable house with your stuff in it and it makes it that much better. I do think that the dudes that sell campers and color blind dudes that design campers have missed the mark on a few things though.

I kinda wasn't big on these huge mirrored doors on our bedroom closet. Thought it was a smidge trashy, but turns out they do serve a function as they are great to do your hair and makeup in. It lets one spend less time in the bathroom so that helps Lexi and I get ready. I know you are checking out that bright bedspread. I had to pick something bright to break up all that BROWN. It's the go to color for campers, sigh. I get that having neutral colors are necessary, but..who picks out these interiors? I suspect girls would at least have a couple of other options with trendy colors....

A lot of campers have camper queen beds. They LOOK like queen sized beds but will be shorter. If you are a tall person like THE MAN, your feet will hang out. Also, they typically use terrible mattresses, which is dumb. If you are going to the effort to haul a large metal heavy box hours and hours away, you deserve a great mattress. Ours thankfully does.

I could go on...

The toothbrush holder is too small to hold modern day tooth brushes, the toilet paper dispenser that never gets hung because there isn't any room in the bathroom for it, the icky curtains that match the bedspread that never stays on the bed because it will only survive one or two washes....

I do however LOVE the concept of bunk houses...where kids can just sprawl and do their thing....I avoided going in there as their mound of laundry and unmade beds were terrifying. We did promise to leave them alone on that end as it was a vacation and so I did.

And here is to sink covers, turning your counter into a scrapbook area! Started a ton of pages for all those vacation photos! Looking forward to getting some photos printed and scrapped!

I have been home for less than a day. Long enough to get the mound of laundry tamed and mow the lawn and I'm ready for new adventures. Camper peeps call that Hitch Itch! Guess it's time to get some of those places booked!

A wave over to Sian From High in the Sky, our host of Memorandum Monday who hopefully has had a little warmer weather by now. Ours is cold and wet today, but it's a good day to get started on some pages.


  1. Thanks for the photos and explanations! I do agree - if the bed is not comfortable I cannot remain! Have had to move out of hotels for that!! Well done for managing to leave the kids zone alone. I would battle with that one...

  2. Wow what an adventure! My dream is to buy a camper van and get the car ferry to Spain. Paula thinks it's hilarious as these days I won't even drive to Birmingham 60 miles away. I woud tootle about painting where I stopped. :-) :-)

  3. Of gosh! I have sooooo missed out... New job? ALREADY? Just when you were adjusting to not working!!!! And LOL to your caravan description.... Not ever been a camper.... But it helped me imagine it!!!

  4. If Duncan could jump higher he could join Lexie or Luke! He looks a tad excluded! Great on the outer banks and good it was before mosquito season. Looking forward to photos. Do you have a photo of The Mans feet sticking out of the too short bed?

  5. I'm not sure I'm a camper sort of gal....but if comfortable bedding is Love that the dog has its own bed too!

  6. You have a way with picking titles for your posts! They just pull me right in. We used to tow our caravan away for holidays a lot when the children were little. Now they complain about not being able to fit in. BUT, if it's just two of us again, we might be ready to hit the open road once more.

    Have a great week Mitra. And thanks for the birthday wishes

  7. I lived in a caravan for 3 months when I was first married while we waited for our house to be built.. fortunately we did not have kids but somehow we got 3 stray cats.. we called them tom dick and harry!! your home away from home looks great! I am glad Duncan has his own bunk bed although if he drops a smelly it would not be nice for the kids!!!


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