Monday, May 9, 2016

Memorandum Monday: Mother's and Mojo

I have heard other scrapbookers talk about having trouble jumping back into their art after taking a break. After a week in the Outerbanks, making a few cards was quite a struggle. It's like the muse was still basking on the beach. I did manage to assemble a Mother's Day present for my Mom last week and a quick card. I leaned quite heavily on the premade acetate circle and cool vintage graphic.

The present itself was not as hard. The silver bowl was upcycled from the Corning ReStore and filled with some lavendar hand soap, raspberry hand made soap, two pairs of homemade earrings, and some chocolate. Fun times!

Check out that pretty black shell I used on this card. That came back with us from the beach and I've enjoyed adding shells on pages I made this weekend. I actually made quite a few pages...that I'll be showing you soon. The mojo? That came back after a crafternoon at my friend Angel's house.

Isn't this yummy? It's just a sneak peek of a double page spread we made. I have a ton of photos from vacation, just need to pick which ones to use! So anyhow, if you are suffering from lack of creativity after taking a break and need to jump start your creativity? I highly suggest hanging with your friends, some wine, chocolate, and awesome paper. It will totally fix you right back up!

Enjoy your week and join me in a quick wave to Miss Sian over at From High in the Sky who never seems to suffer from a lack of mojo!


  1. How about a SIX week holiday, then???!!!!! Nah....I actually got the heeby jeebies whilst away, so my scrappy mate we visited came to London with a care pack....I mean, a scrap kit made up for doing some Project Life cards. Perfect relief, it was, to scrap! I'll never make THAT mistake of going away without Stuff to Scrap again. that card - the graphic is really lovely & the shell was the first thing I noticed after it!!!! Shells are cool! So are holidays.....glad you had a good one & can't wait to see your Other Pages once done:):)

  2. Well I know busy days are a menace when you are dying to scrap, we dont get many holidays!! Love the card and your mum is a lucky girl to get such a great pressy! and love the sneek of the double pager.. great colors.. and I would love some friends to scrap with.. it sounds nice!

  3. Loved the card its vintage and adorable images and yes the shell looks very nice on it !

  4. Oh, I don't know..sometimes just the thought of hauling my sorry behind all the way up to our top floor is enough to kill the urge to create. Maybe that's why I'm on a knitting thing at the stays downstairs!

    I'm sure your present was very much appreciated..even the look of it is enough to excite..

  5. omg... so did you ever answer me? Printer?


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