Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorandum Monday: Purple Rain

I'm always impressed by how it's completely different on the other side of the world or even on the other side of the US. I mean, I know these things....but then you have peeps talking about how they don't have daffodils, other peeps talking about their cactus, and then me, totally walking by this lovely purple iris...So I stopped and took a photo to share with you. I have others in progress, but at the moment this is the most showy lovely one of all.

Iris are a pretty forgiving plant. I once got four or five shopping bags full or iris toobers that someone was throwing away in late October and threw them in the ground. I had flowers the next spring. I would imagine though they don't grow where cacus grow, hence the photo!

Currently at the moment it's threatning to rain and I'm getting weather alerts about flash floods so I'm hoping we get some rain to water the plants but not so much that all the new grass seed and hay we spread after a recent project washes away. We have a long weekend here in the States with what always seems to be the official start of summer; Memorial Day weekend.

Oh look, it's THE MAN checking on me. We just finished chipping all the gardens. As you can see, the plants are already quite tall so it was a good thing we got it done. Will have some peonies soon!

Oh and on the subject of purple, check back tomorrow. There will be more purple on my blog!

Happy Monday!


  1. That is such a lovely flower and beautiful color. I would love to have one at home:)

  2. Wow..With peak of summer here at my place you can imagine how refreshing you photos are !

  3. Ooh, I hope those flash floods stay away . We have sunshine here today. But as we say round here, we are making the most of it in case today is our summer!

    Wishing you a good week

  4. Love that purple iris, and your flower bed looks wonderful too.. it looks so green there at the moment... it you dont want the rain send it over here.. we need some!

  5. It is BIZARRE, eh? Hey, I LOOOOOVE Iris [had 'em when I was a kid. More that don't grow here. Damn seaside. Very restrictive!].....but....what are those pink flowers almost in bud and the forefront of the photo? They look puleez when they come out!!! Your garden is YUM!!


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