Monday, May 16, 2016

Memorandum Monday: Indigo Buntings and being a Dick

Please excuse the Cheap Trick song. It's been stuck in my head since the alarm clock woke me up playing it in the wee hours of Friday am. It's an awesome song, so not a bad thing. My weekend started off with laundry. Since all the fancy work clothes get washed separately there are those from the whole week, then the towels, and then the regular clothes....and then someone thought the dog needed a the towels from that....

Anyhow, between all the laundrying, a dinner out, grocerying, and pickinguping, I did manage to fit in some crafting. Wait 'til you see some of the stuff I makes me want cake! CAKE I tell you! I also started a few more angels, so there was some ironing and sewing to get them started. It was at that point I texted my Mom and asked her what settings my sewing machine should be on for one of those very loose stitches you use when you want to pull one side of it to make it all scrunch up...

She called to help and I used some adult language to describe my feelings for my sewing machine. I mean, I love it when the sewing machine works...but not so much when I make big balls of white thread.....Anyhow, I then later texted Mom to thank her for helping and apologize for being a dick. I completely didn't deserve what happened next...we had a visitor. Actually we had two, but I didn't get photos of the female..

I believe it's a male Indigo Bunting chowing down on the dandelion seeds. Isn't he just brilliant? Such a pretty blue! I am hoping since I saw both the female and male that they are working on a nest near by. Then I'd really be lucky!

Well, today is the start of a brand new week, may each day of this week have an unexpected gift!

Our host of Memorandum Monday is Sian over at High in the Sky who has the most awesome pencil sharpener at her disposal...which I'm quite jealous of!  Happy happy!


  1. Beautiful. Indigo Buntings are just amazing to look at. Hope you get to have a nest in the area.

  2. Awww... well, if you know you're being a dick and you apologize for being a dick and you stop being a dick, then you're not really a dick... all is good with the world... you deserved the visit... :) Happy? Monday!

  3. Ha..ha..Sewing Machines !! Mine is always jammed whenever I want to use it and if its running then the bobbin is always empty ;)Loved the vibant color !

  4. Now there's a title to make us want to investigate further..

    I'm pretty rubbish at fixing anything which goes wrong with my sewing machine. I now leave my sewing until someone more handy than I am is around to help. I find winding a bobbin a challenge!

    He's a very handsome fellow. Definitely different to any bird we'd get in our garden here

  5. Handkerchiefs???? AND THAT BIRD> you just made my day. He is GOOOOORGEOUS!!!!! Glad you had such a productive weekend. We hung at the beach. Drinking coffee. Walking the dog. In our Autumn with 25C weather. Go figure!!!!


  6. HAPPY Handkerchiefs...and sewing!

    The Blue Bunting was one of those "Awe OH! (Big intake of breath)" Moments!

  7. Love the blue bunting...that may be feasting on dandelion seeds?


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