Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Sand Gator Layout from OBX

There is something about pink roses, black stripes, and gold butterflies with a beach photo...yeah, wasn't sure I was going to pull it off...but I like it! A beach photo of a sand gator MUST get scrapped...wait, you don't see a gator?

See, sand gator? We came across it while walking on the beach and Lexi was cool enough to pose with Mr. Gator. Love that someone was thoughtful enough to use shell toenails...and a rock for an eye...bless their sand creativity!

Lots of layering...and of course a little twine to give it a beachy feel! I am REALLY loving the gold these days. Was happy to catch those gold stencil butterflies shimmering in the sun!

Hope your Hump Day is full of the pleasantly unexpected!


  1. Fabulous layout for your sand gator...someone is clever to have created that in the sand.. Never miss a photo opportunity with a sand gator I say! Love the gold elements on your layout!

  2. Loveeeeee this! LOVING the colors, the butterflies and the jar!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I would never have imagined it....but this works SO well for a 'sea' those gold butterflies up top & the jar. The JAR is perfect!!

  4. Well... I mean... GOLD!! How could you go wrong?? And to come across the almost extinct and oh so rare sand gator... wow... that's just luck I'd say! Boy I hope we get to get together next time I'm back in NY... well, actually I will be back there first weekend in June, but that won't work... August is my next one and I'm not sure of the dates yet, but I'm hoping then!!! Maybe some spray painting??


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