Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Purple Rock Star Pocket Letter

The other day, I got a text message asking me if I quite possibly was Prince's illegitimate love child. Having a lack of talent in the singing direction, it's probably not likely...as much as I'd much rather be arting than working so inheriting a large fortune would work well for that. I did get my purple on though with this pocket letter. Lisa over at Life of a BZscrapper and I decided we wanted to make a purple card.

As it was inspired of course by Prince, I decided my main focal card should say Rock Star. The rest got a crazy water color treatment because my friend Lisa uses watercolors ALL THE TIME and I always think, oh...I should do that. So I did.

Randomly the Corning ReStore was selling packs of these white cards. They were almost the perfect size for a pocket letter so water coloring a whole bunch was pretty easy. I did get in trouble from the watercolor police (Lexi) for mixing colors so my water coloring days might be over....Or I just have to buy my own set...

I do think watercolor looks dandy with a purple background and gold accents...of course glitter too. I went all super blingy. I think Prince would have liked it. 

Vellum accents works well for water color too since you can see through it...most awesome fun. 

Happy Purple Pocket Letter Tuesday! Pop on over to Lisa over at Life of a BZscrapper  to see what she came up with! Can't wait!


  1. Oh my oh my oh my!!!! Delicious!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I knew I would... and we both watercolored... and no... it shouldn't be the end of your watercolor days... I think it was meant to be.... let's hope I'm half as good at spray painting...

  2. You've made something in purple that I like! Love, actually. I think you should keep water colouring too

  3. I'm with Lexi. Mitts OFF Ma!!!! Anyways, GORG result ... For purple;) and those cards ... Great buy. OBV meant to be!!!!!!

  4. Very cool! I love how it turned out with all the purple and watercolours. Prince would have loved it.:)


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