Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Beads & Beans Necklace

Where we stayed in the Outerbanks was near a Bead Store/Coffee Shop aptly named Beans and Beads. It was EPIC. My sister in law in fact announced her intentions to work for "the bead lady" so she could stay by the sea. Lexi wanted to make a necklace for a friend, so we picked out a few charms and the metal chain. THE MAN of course had pliers so it was fairly easy to get this whipped up and ready for gifting right in the camper.

The main difficulty was picking just a FEW beads when we had so many lovely choices! I for one am sad I didn't buy the mermaid charm myself.

Check out this drift wood tree! I love it! I spent quite a bit of time looking for bits of that myself. I have a plan you know...I always have a plan...

Of course, I had to spend some time and visit my favorite cabinet. I had a moment over this last year and the love is still going on strong this year. Yes, WANT IT badly! ;-)

And I'll leave you with one last close up of Lexi's necklace. We found that shell with a premade hole in it, so it was perfect!

The owner also has an Etsy store that is just lovely! I'm including it here in case you are interested in some pretty hand made jewlery or ornaments!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. The store looks amazing ! I loved the necklace too :)

  2. Looks like you had fun!! What a pretty necklace you made!

  3. Extra special comment here from way high up in the sky! Awesome necklace and great way to let loose some creativity while away from home! Next time.....just get the mermaid charm already! I bought the purse and I'm so glad I did!

  4. That is one cute necklace! I think you and I will have a good time shopping together.....shall I book my flight now? *winks*

  5. I reckon it would be hard trying to get a few beads and things... Love the necklace.. A new hobby??

  6. Very sweet necklace & sounds & looks like a lovely store!

  7. Her necklace is wonderful. Picking out beads? It's a bit like only choosing one new sheet of patterned paper: impossible.


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