Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Family Layout from Kitty Hawk, NC

Sunday afternoons usually involve me & a paper packet. I'm not scrapping per se, but I am making page backgrounds out of paper. It's kinda mindless and I love fitting in a lot of scraps and odd pieces so most everything is used up. This particular one I wasn't sure what kind of photo would work for was the very last of a kit. Good thing ALL the kids wore something different for me so it ended up working for this photo!

I added some lime green duct tape because Eddie (that's him on the right down at the bottom) wore a lime green shirt and bam, the photo worked with the background. Then I dug around and found those plane chippies deep down in the stash, glued them on with glitter glue and inked them up blue to match. I mean, we were at Kitty Hawk & the Wright Brothers National Memorial. ;-)

While you are looking at the photos, take a peek at my Sistah in Law who kindly hammed it up with her Five Guys burger....the rest of my family did not do what I asked which was do something epic so we can send this photo to your Grandpa...sigh. She gets credit for following directions...

Another layout to come from visiting the Wright Brothers National Park...I have some cool photos of Luke who was the catalyst for the visit. He very much enjoyed himself!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Love it - love how you do your bg pages then add photo & bits to finish. Clever +!!! And for me, the lime green touch. Sublime...... Sozzy! Had to be said.....;)

  2. What an excellent idea to make pages and use up your stuff.. the colors in the photos work so well with your page.. great memories, and trying to get a lot of people to co-operate for a photo takes great skill or bribery methods!!

  3. Nice job. Love that picture!

  4. Nice job. Love that picture!

  5. Great idea!!! I could probably make 1000 page backgrounds from all my stash & could do with some mindless scrap prepping myself!!!

  6. I love the idea of piecing papers together to make backgrounds and then keeping them on hand for the right pictures


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