Thursday, May 5, 2016

Spice of Life Milk Glass Jar with Faux Chalk Board Tag for LESSology

This is the second milk glass jar I've found while junkin' fact the first one was for LESSology's sewing challenge. Love that look! This lovely bottle is for this month's chalk board challenge. I had a couple of ideas for bigger projects, but then opted to stick with something simple as we were getting ready for our trip.

The faux chalk board label was easy peasy to make when you have a white marker. I cut one label out of the sticky backed copper foil by Ranger and another from scrap cardboard. The cardboard piece got a quick coat of black spray paint and then was cut to fit inside the copper one. I wrote "Spice of Life" on it with a white marker and then hot glued it in place.  Added some prima and petaloo flowers to decorate.

Check out how cool of a sticker that copper foil makes! Love that die too. It's Fancy Tags 2 by Spellbinders.

Since the top is sealed & a stopper, I might just store tea in here at work....right now I'm enjoying looking at how pretty it is!

Hope you get a chance to play along with us at LESSology or even give that copper foil a try!

Happy Thursday!

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