Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Stacking & Unstacking Logs

Oh Blog, it's been a bit. I found myself with a minute to reflect, so here we are. When we decided to move to Arizona, Nate said it was like stacking logs. Each worry, each task, each seemingly surmountable item just kept stacking up. I woke up one morning worried about where I would find dog food! We hear our Corning house is closing today at 5. I know I will breath easier now that it's behind us and we are moving on to the next log to throw on the fire! 

Closing here is yet to be scheduled but it's eminent. Which means we get to leave the Faux House that we are short term renting behind. I won't miss it. It's a sad house that needs some love. The mattress is slightly better than sleeping on the floor, the shower is tepid, and birds are trying to break into the "attic" manically.  It's certainly better than a hotel, although the ice maker there would probably work. I cannot imagine trying to do this on our own though, so there is that! Thankfully this is a relo!

Looking forward to settling all the things at the end of this week. I won't lie though. Nate told me that one person lost all their cookware in their move. So now I am worried about my pots and pans. What would be helpful would be if they lost the Christmas tree that probably shouldn't have been moved as I cut all the lights off it the year before and it lost half it's fake snow. Do you put up trees with fake snow in Arizona? Yet another one of my many questions! 

What I am most looking forward to is planting a few bulbs I brought with me from NY. They have sprouted and are looking for a good home in the soil. I think they will go up front near the roses. I heard they don't have squirrels here so we might be in good shape for them making it to spring! Suppose that is all anyone could ask. Just for a bit of dirt and a chance to bloom.